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STEP 1-Background Info | Step 2-Start with a few sources | Step 3-Find more sources |


Research is a process that requires multiple steps.

You might start off overwhelmed, but with a little effort and a little help from me, trust me, your research will be awesome.


STEP 1 - Background Info

  • Discover more about your topic
  • Identify what keywords/synonyms/subject terms to use when searching
  • Will lead to relevant sources

CLICK HERE for STEP 1-Background Info

You will find: Print and Electronic Reference Sources, Books


STEP 2 - Start with a few sources

  • Use background info from step 1 to search for more detailed information
  • Search in the most popular resources
  • Gain confidence and narrow your search

CLICK HERE for STEP 2-Start with a few sources

You will find: Popular Education Databases, Books, Videos


STEP 3 - Find more sources

  • Extend your search into more resources
  • Use tips and tricks to find even more sources
  • Find all the information you will need for your research

CLICK HERE for STEP 3-Find more sources

You will find: All Education Related Databases, Books, Videos


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