Exhibits, Displays, and Digital Signs Policy

JMU Libraries makes limited exhibit and book display spaces available for use by members of the JMU community. Exhibit space is limited to a display case on the first floor of Rose Library that may be used for art or tangible item exhibits. The JMU Libraries do not generally allow free-standing exhibits or displays. Both Carrier Library and Rose Library have limited first floor shelving available for thematic library book displays. The libraries also make bulletin boards and digital signs available for approved public postings. Official JMU clubs, student organizations, or departments must sponsor exhibits and displays. The following criteria apply to all exhibits and displays:

  • Exhibits and displays must be of an educational or cultural nature and must align with the mission of the Library and/or the University.
    • No sales or fund raising is permitted.
    • No lobbying or political activity is permitted.
    • No recruitment for paid or volunteer work is permitted.
  • Groups, clubs, or departments wishing to organize an exhibit or display must submit a statement of responsibility and contact information.
  • Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the sponsoring group.
  • Library administration reserves the right to determine whether the exhibit is physically appropriate for the desired space and to make modifications as necessary. 
  • This policy complies with the Library Bill of Rights.
  • This policy applies to public areas of Carrier Library and Rose Library.

Exhibit Procedures


Carrier Library: With the exception of exhibits to promote the holdings of Special Collections, exhibits by non-library groups are not permitted in Carrier Library. Special Collections policy may be found at: http://www.lib.jmu.edu/special/services/SC_ExhibitPolicy.aspx

Rose Library: Rose Library has a locked glass display case (approximate dimensions: 36”w x 72”l x 16”h) that can accommodate small three-dimensional exhibits. Materials will be displayed for one month. Request for exhibit space must be made a minimum one months in advance. Groups that wish to use the space must submit a description of the exhibit one month prior to its display date. The description must include the number of objects, dimensions, related signage, and a copy of any supplemental fliers or other information. The JMU Libraries assumes no responsibility for the physical safety of exhibit material, and a signed waiver to this effect is required.


Library Book Display Procedures


Shelving is available on the first floor of both Carrier Library and Rose Library for the display of library owned materials. JMU groups, clubs, or departments may request special thematic displays of books. Requests for use of book display spaces must be made a minimum of one month in advance. The requesting group must provide the list of library books to be placed on display. A minimum of 30 books must be included in book displays, and a list is required 2 weeks prior to display date. Materials included in the display may be checked out at any time.

Carrier Library has 18 shelves available for a total of 54 linear feet.

Rose Library has 12 shelves available for a total of 36 linear feet.

Bulletin Boards

Both Carrier Library and Rose Library have bulletin boards available for approved public postings. The bulletin boards are located in the first floor lobbies of each building. Use of these bulletin boards is governed by JMU Policy #3104 “Use of Bulletin Boards & Posting Public Notices.”

Digital Signs

The JMU Libraries have digital signs that display information about the Libraries, CIT, and CFI as well as other academic programs on campus. Members of the JMU community may submit slides for display under the following guidelines:

Slides that promote JMU campus events and activities will be accepted for the rotation. In the event that demand exceeds capacity, priority will be given to slides that support academic activity and match L&ET's mission and values. Slides that promote commercial activities, fund raisers, or offer merchandise for sale will not be accepted. L&ET will not display slides recruiting job applicants or volunteers. While L&ET staff reserve the right to accept slides outside of the scope of the policy, acceptance of slides is in keeping with the Library Bill of Rights.

Full policy and submission form may be found at: http://www.lib.jmu.edu/forms/ecldigitalsign/  (JMU e-ID login required.)


Rev. August 2011