Appropriate Use Policy for Public Internet Workstations

Priority use of the Internet workstations in James Madison University Libraries is given to patrons engaged in research and academic activities. Primary use is for students, faculty, and staff affiliated with James Madison University. Community researchers are welcome to use designated workstations and may be subject to time limits or unavailability.

Patrons engaged in non-research activities may be asked to give up their workstation.

Patrons at workstations are in a public building and expected to show consideration for others. Patrons should also be aware that computer workstations may display offensive or controversial material. Parents or legal guardians of minors are responsible for monitoring the library activities of their children.

Users are expected to follow the University's Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy 1207). Criminal use is specifically forbidden.

Questions? Please ask at a library service desk or through our Ask the Library service.

May 2013