Locker Policy and Procedures

Lockers are intended for temporary storage of materials. Items should not be left in lockers for long term storage.  Lockers will be cleared weekly.  Items left in lockers will be placed in the library’s Lost and Found and may be reclaimed at the service desk.  Unclaimed items are sent to surplus after 3 months.

Lockers may not be reserved.

The library is not responsible for materials kept in lockers.

Remembering the combination is the responsibility of the patron.

Food and drink may not be stored in lockers.

Library materials that have been properly checked out may be stored in the lockers.

Library staff will have access to materials stored in lockers and may remove materials from them.  Lockers are subject to inspection at any time.  The following is a partial listing of examples of when the lockers may be open for inspection:

  • Odors
  • Physical damage or defacement to the locker
  • Suspected contents that may be illegal, illicit, or deemed to be harmful, offensive, or inappropriate
  • Risk to the general welfare of the university

To operate a storage locker:


  • Open an empty locker
  • Place items inside
  • Select a combination (1-13 numbers) and hit # key
  • Locker will remain locked until combination is re-entered

To operate a laptop locker:

  • Open an empty locker. Empty lockers will have the white arrows on their control knobs pointing up.
  • Place the laptop inside.
  • If you want to charge the laptop battery, plug your adapter into the electrical outlet.
  • Close the locker door.
  • With the white arrow still pointing up use the thumbwheels on the combination dial to set your three-digit combination.
  • Turn the black knob counterclockwise until the arrow points to the left.
  • Again using the thumbwheels on the combination dial, reset the three digits you used for your combination to a different set of numbers. A good choice for this might be 000.
  • Locker will remain locked until combination is re-entered.
  • To unlock the locker reset the dial to the three digits you selected, then turn the black knob clockwise until the arrow points up. Pull the door open.
  • The thumbwheels and the white arrow must be precisely positioned in order to work.

Lockers are cleared every Friday night at closing.  Items left in lockers can be claimed from the Library’s Lost and Found at the service desk.  Personal items will be retained for 3 months and then sent to surplus. Library materials will be checked in.