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JMU Libraries Noise and Cell Phone Policy


The mission of JMU Libraries is to create an environment that promotes intellectual inquiry, exchange of ideas and discovery of knowledge.  Students and other researchers in the Libraries expect to find quiet areas for study, and the library is obligated to provide this type of environment.  At the same time, many courses require group work, and the Libraries provide spaces appropriate for group learning.  These activities may take place in any area not designated as a Quiet Zone.  Please keep conversations at a moderate level and be considerate of those around you. The Libraries are also used as a teaching space, where librarians, staff, and teaching faculty must converse with users in assisting them to locate and understand the Libraries’ resources.  The technology provided by the Libraries, such as computers, printers, and photocopiers also produced noise.

Quiet Zones

       Carrier Library



       Rose Library


       Music Library



Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are not to be used in Quiet Zones.  Please keep your ringer turned off while in the libraries.  If you must answer or initiate a phone call, please move to these areas:

Carrier Library and Rose Libraries:



Music Library:



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