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Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

Articles can offer you popular overviews of technical subjects or in-depth research.  They may be quite current or they may offer a historical perspective.  It all depends where you look. 

Searching for Articles  |  What is a Scholarly or "Peer-Reviewed" Article? Browsing for Articles

Searching for Articles:  Periodical Indexes & Abstracts (aka research databases) 

Indexes & abstracts are the most efficient way to find articles by subject. There is no one comprehensive database for communication studies. Think of them as brands, like Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper... Take me to the list of Periodical Indexes & Abstracts for Communication Studies

Indexes & Abstracts for Historical and Comprehensive Research

Consult these additional indexes only after you've explored the major ones listed above. They are more difficult to use or only cover older dates, but they can be useful for particular needs and hard-to-find topics.

Index to Journals in Communication Studies Through 1995 (in print)

Shelved: Ref. P 87 .M37 1997

Dates: 1915 to 1995

Indexes: 24 communication journals from 1st issue to 1995


What is a Scholarly or "Peer-Reviewed" Article?

Has your professor ever said:

Scholarly Journals ...

Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Journals…

Are a subset of scholarly journals in which articles are only accepted for publication if they meet the standards of a group of experts (called an “editorial board”) in the field.  These experts are the “referees” or “peers” which review an article to see if the authors have followed good research methods and are contributing new and important knowledge to the field.  Often, peer-reviewed or refereed journals can only accept a small percentage of the articles submitted

How can I find out if a particular journal is refereed (a.k.a. "peer-reviewed")?

If you have the journal in-hand, check the inside cover, back cover, or first few pages.  Often, the journal will describe itself and will state whether it is peer-reviewed.  You can also look for an "Instructions for Authors" pages: if the instructions say to include multiple copies, you can assume it's peer-reviewed. (Peer-reviewed journals tell the author to submit multiple copies of the same article, so that these copies can be sent to reviewers).  If you do not have the journal in-hand, use online indexes that will allow you to limit to peer-reviewed journals.  Or, use Ulrichsweb.com to look up your journal title and look for the "Refereed" symbol:

Ulrich's peeriodical locator

Remember, even the most scholarly of journals can include articles that do not meet the requirements for a "scholarly article."  Be sure that the article is substantial in length, has a bibliography, footnotes, or list of works cited, and that the authors are clearly identified.  Finally, when in doubt, ask your professor if it is an acceptable journal for your assignment.

Browsing for Articles: Current and Online Periodicals

If you want to stay current in your field or browse for topics, nothing beats a good communication journal. The following titles are selected from among our current subscriptions and is drawn from the list of periodicals indexed by ComAbstracts and Communication Abstracts. The online version of this guide links to Periodical Locator, which lists dates of availability and where we keep the titles.

Many of these titles are online, which usually means that you will be able to search for articles within them. Remember, though, that you can search hundreds of journals at one time by using the periodical indexes and abstracts listed above.

American communication journal
Argumentation & advocacy

Canadian journal of communication

Communication education

Communication law and policy

Communication monographs

Communication quarterly

Communication reports

Communication research

Communication research reports
Communication studies

Communication theory

Conflict resolution quarterly


Corporate communications

Critical studies in media communication

Discourse & society

Discourse processes

European journal of communication


Health communication

Howard journal of communications

Human communication research

International journal of public opinion research

Journal of advertising

Journal of advertising research

Journal of applied communication research

Journal of brand management

Journal of broadcasting and electronic media

Journal of business and technical communication

Journal of business communication

Journal of business ethics

Journal of communication

Journal of communication inquiry

Journal of communication management

Journal of conflict resolution

Journal of family communication

Journal of health communication

Journal of macromarketing

Journal of medical Internet research

Journal of nonverbal behavior

Journal of popular culture

Journal of public relations research

Journal of sex research

Journal of social and personal relationships

Journal of the academy of marketing science

Language & communication

Leadership quarterly

Management communication quarterly

Mass communication & society

Media, culture & society

New media & society


Political communication

Presidential studies quarterly

Psychology & marketing

Public opinion quarterly

Public relations review

Quarterly journal of speech

Research on language and social interaction

Rhetoric and public affairs

Science communication

Small group research

Southern communication journal

Television & new media

Visual communication

Western journal of communication

Women's studies in communication

Written communication



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