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SCOM 280                    

Since each SCOM 280 section includes a library instruction section, you should already have the materials on this page.  However, if you missed class that day, here are the handouts and some other materials that might help you.

Handout: Searching for Communication Studies Articles [MS Word]

Handout: Finding the Full Text of Articles [MS Word]

Handout: RefWorks [PDF- for printing]  [HTML-for online viewing]

Streaming Video Presentations:

All together, the following modules are the video version of my face-to-face "how to use the library" speech (in about 23 minutes). 

  1. Key Tools on the Library Web site (1:59)

  2. Choosing a Topic and thinking of Keywords (4:48)

  3. What's Scholarly / Peer-Reviewed? (2:56)

  4. Boolean Searching in Library Databases (4:45)

  5. Getting Full Text (3:56)

  6. Creating your Bibliography the EASY way (3:24)

(Note: Smilowitz students, please skip
#2 (Choosing a Topic... 4:48) and
#4 (Boolean Searching... 4:45) and view
Searching in the Official Searcher (10:00) instead.

Official Searcher URL for Dr. Smilowitz' SCOM 280 class:

(Opens up a search in Communication & Mass Media Complete, set to Smilowitz' list of 16 journals and the last 5 years).

Need one-on-one help?  Please contact the Communication Studies Liaison, Kathy Clarke.  I don't keep regular office hours please email me for an appointment.


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