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Equipment Manuals


Video Cameras

Model:  MiniDV (tape) Canon HV20

Model:  MiniDV (tape) Panasonic GS320

Model:  Canon Vixia HG 20 & 21

Model:  Canon Vixia HF S20 & 21

Model:  Canon Vixia HF S10

Model:  Canon FS200



Model:  Canon Vixia HF M30 & 31

Model:  Canon Vixia HF G10

Model:  Canon ZR50 MCA  

Model:  Panasonic PV GS35

Model:  Panasonic PV GS500

Model:  Canon HV20




Model:  Flip Ultra

Model: Flip Mino HD

Model: Panasonic WA-2


Audio Recorder

Digital Audio Recorders

Model:  Zoom H2

Model:  Zoom H1

Quick Guide with tips for settings

Canon 7D

Digital Still Cameras

Model: Canon PS SD780 IS     

Model: Canon 7D  DSLR

Model: Canon Rebel T3i

Instructions: How to Change a Lens

Digital Projector

Data and Video Projectors

Model: Sony VPLCX5  (Call Numbers MR-LCDP 16 - MR-LCDP 20)

Model: Epson EMP1715 (Call Numbers MR-LCDP 21 - MR-LCDP 23)

Oral History Cassette Recorder

Oral History Field Recorders

(approved interns only)

Model:  Marantz PMD201 (Call Number MR OHCR 02)

Model:  Marantz PMD420 (Call Number MR OHCR 01)


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