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DVD Regional Codes

International Television Standards Guide

Different countries may have different TV signal standards, and this may be reflected in their videotapes and DVDs. Here is a chart of TV standards.
Worldwide TV Standards - A Web Guide provides more background information on the technical issues involved.

PowerPoint Tools

Fixes for all kinds of PowerPoint problems, including multimedia display issues.

Projector Central - Projection Calculator. 

Will your projector fit the available space?  Find out with the projection calculator.

Videotape duplication & conversion service

Hi-Tech Productions offers relatively cheap and fast turnaround conversions of videotapes from foreign countries, or American standard tapes for use overseas. They also provide transfer of customer tapes to DVDs, and mass duplication.
Video Identification Guide
Explains and illustrates all known video formats, current and obsolete, from 1956 to present.

World Electric Guide

Going to bring media equipment overseas to use? Here's what you need to know about electrical standards and power plug types around the world.


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