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About the Madison Research Essentials Toolkit


The Madison Research Essentials Toolkit was designed to equip students to:

1. Use and understand the JMU Libraries

2. Recognize that information is available in a variety of formats

3. Determine when information is needed and find it

4. Evaluate the quality of information

5. Use information ethically and legally

Directions for students enrolled in GCOM 121, 122, or 123:

1. Watch the GCOM-Required tutorials located in the left column of each unit. The units should be watched in order: Discovering the JMU Libraries, Information Formats, Finding Information, Evaluating Information, and Citing & Fair Use. If you need to review a slide, you can click the rewind button. If you are a visual learner or you find yourself without access to sound, consider turning on the Closed Captions so you can read along with the presentation.

2. Watch the complementary resources if assigned or if you need more information.

3. Take the Blackboard or Canvas assessment located in your GCOM class. The name of the assessment will match the name of the unit being assessed.

Questions? Click here for information regarding the information literacy requirements in Cluster One of General Education.


Toolbox Link to Discovering the Library Link to Finding Information Link to Information Formats Link to Evaluating Information Link to Citing & Fair Use

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