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Database Trials at JMU Libraries

JMU Libraries regularly trials new electronic resources.  If you'd like to recommend a database for us to purchase, please contact your library liaison.


EXPIRED TRIALS 2008 - 2009:

Research Starters - Business (EBSCO)

(expires 6/30/2009)


(expires 6/30/2009)

Research Starters - Education (EBSCO)

(expires 6/30/2009)

Cambridge Collections Online

(expires 6/30/2009)

West Campus Research (ThomsonReuters)

(expires 6/13/09)

Note: If you reach a screen that says there is pop up blocker detected, please take a moment to read the directions on how to print and then click "Continue to Campus Research."

Children's  Literature Review (Gale)

(expires 6/19/2009)

*Note you will need to select it from the "Series" box on the search platform.

Something About the Author (Gale)

(expires 6/19/2009)

*Note you will need to select it from the "Series" box on the search platform.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

(expires 5/23/2009)

SportDiscus with Full Text (EBSCO)

(expires 5/31/09)

Username: james

Password: trial

DRAM (DRAM not for profit)

(expires 5/22/2009)

WDI Online

(expires 5/13/09)

FBIS Daily Reports (1974-1996)

(expires 5/13/2009)

Cambridge Histories Online

(expires 5/13/2009)


(expires 5/8/09)

Note: This trial is for Faculty/Staff use only. Please click the title to email Jason Sokoloff for access information.

3D Head: Basic Neuroanatomy

(expires 5/8/2009)

Guide to Reference

(expries 5/9/2009)

Note: If you are having trouble with the IP authentication, please use the our username/password:

Username: jmadison

Password: JamMad10

iPOLL (Roper Center)

(expires 4/20/2009)

Note: You must register before you have complete access to the database.

American History in Video (ASP)

(expires 4/30/2009)

CQ Press Almanac

(expires 4/21/2009)

World Book Web

(expires 4/6/2009)

ID: Americas
Password: ostrich (until March 2, 2009)
Password: penguin (Mar3 – Apr6)

Virginia Company Archives


Note: The ‘download entire document in PDF’ option is not available during trials. However, you are still able to view and print images from the collections.Thanks!

Naxos Sheet Music Library (Naxos)

(expires 3/31/09)

Global Issues in Context (Gale)

(expires 4/4/2009)

Something About the Author (Gale)

(expires 4/4/2009)

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Gale)

(expires 4/4/2009)

ViewsWire (EIU)

(expires 3/20/2009)

International Medieval Bibliography (Brepols)

(expires 2/28/2009)

Note: Click "Enter Databases" at the bottom of the screen, after you have clicked the link above.

CQ Press Global Researcher

(expires 2/28/2009)

CQ Press Poliltical Reference Suite

(expires 2/28/2009)

Atomic Learning - Assistive Technology Collection

(expires 1/31/2009)

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Click the URL above and enter Atomic Learning
  2. Click, "My Account" in the upper right hand corner
  3. Log-in
    1. Username: carrierlib
    2. password: carrierlib1
  4. You will see the welcome change from JMU to Carrier Lib (at the top of the page) after you have clicked the "highed" URL
  5. Please click, "Log Out," when you are finished

You now have access to the Assistive Technology Collection tutorials

Mergent Active

(expires 1/2/2009)

Note: This is a trial you download and use with Excel. Please follow these instructions:

Username: jamesmadison

Password: active

1.Click the title above

2. Log in with the username/password and click on the first link at the top to either open the setup file to begin installation immediately or to save the setup file to your machine for installation at a later time.

3. After the installation has been completed open up Excel and click on the Mergent Active button now available in the toolbar and then log in with the above username and password.

Guide to Reference

(expries 12/9/2008)

Note: If you are having trouble with the IP authentication, please use the our username/password:

Username: jmadison

Password: JamMad10

Mintel Oxygen (Mintel)

(expires 11/18/2008)

Note: Please click "I agree" when the page first appears. Then create a profile (it only takes a few seconds, please use your JMU email address). In trial mode, we cannot download articles, charts, or graphs.


(expires 10/8/08)

Username: jmutitrial

Password: jmutitrial

Note: Click on the first link: "TI US Waterborne Import Data"

Springer eBooks (Springer)

(expires 10/31/2008)


(expires 10/20/2008)

SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)

(expires 7/11/2008)

Encyclopedia of Popular Music (Oxford)

(expires 9/30/2008)

Dance in Video (ASP)

(expires 8/09/2008)

Opera in Video (ASP)

(expires 8/09/2008)


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