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JMU Libraries regularly trials new electronic resources.  If you'd like to recommend a database for us to purchase, please contact your library liaison or fill out this form.

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(expired 5/31/13)

Liaison Requested

PolicyMap is a fully web-based Geographic Information System that captures data through custom demographic maps, tables, reports and an analysis tool, Analytics, and users can use PolicyMap's GIS mapping to incorporate their own data and leverage it against the thousands of indicators already available in PolicyMap.  Available data includes the latest demographics from census, real estate data, health data, mortgage trends, school performance scores, unemployment, crime statistics, and city crime rates.

ProQuest Newsstand (ProQuest)

(expired 5/25/13)

Vendor Offered

ProQuest Newsstand gives access to the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Greenwich Time, Los Angeles Times, The Advocate (Stamford), and many more.  Each issue of each newspaper is indexed thoroughly, so researchers have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the papers.  The indexing covers not only complete bibliographic information but also companies, people, products, etc.

The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower (The Johns Hopkins University Press)

(expired 5/24/13)

Liaison Requested

The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower combines the full-text of all 21 volumes of compiled material into an electronically accessible format.  This database includes over 14,000 pages of material, a fully browsable alphabetical index, photographs and document images, and a search engine that crosses the entire 21-volume set and ranks results by relevance or date with direct links to documents.

19th Century Masterfile (Paratext)

(expired 5/19/13)

Liaison Requested

19th Century Masterfile provides access to over 20 million full-text links from subscription-based and Open Source repositories and covers material ranging from the 13th through the early 20th century.  Periodicals, books, newspapers, and government data can all be searched at one time and coverage includes the physical sciences, technology, law, humanities, literature, and the social sciences.


(expired 4/30/13)

Liaison Requested

EdITLib, a non-profit resource, is the Digital Library for Education & Information Technology and seeks to facilitate learning, discovery, and innovation by connecting scholarly research on Educational Technology/E-Learning with learning opportunities.  As an online resource for aggregated, peer-reviewed research, EdITLib encompasses more than 25+ years of published international journal articles, conference papers, e-books, and multimedia content from tens of thousands of leading authors.  This resource enables users to do the following:  Conduct scholarly research, Use as a classroom teaching resource, Keep current on the latest published research in their field of study, Maintain their academic interests in the area of information technology in education, Receive Table of Contents Alerts prior to publication, Create and store personal collections of research results, Comment and share articles and abstracts with peers and colleagues, and Gain access to exclusive content not available in any other database.


(expired 4/18/13)

Liaison Requested

Username: reportertest@mediamark.edu

Password: testfire123

MRI+ consolidates, in one convenient place, many of the databases used to evaluate magazines or seeking directory and editorial information. Users are able to search and access materials, as well as, check-out a cost-planning module.

Mass Observation Online (Adam Matthew Digital)

(expired 4/16/13)

Liaison Requested

Mass Observation Online offers insight into everyday life in Britain from 1937 through the mid-1950s and contains original manuscript and typescript papers collected by the Mass Observation organization, as well as printed publications, photographs and interactive maps.  The material covered includes information regarding the impact of the Depression, the onset of war, and the post-war era with the rise of consumerism and television.  Major trends covered include the following:  the increasing role of women in work, the birth of the welfare state, anti-Semitism and anti-communism, the growth of secularism and the increasing importance of radio, television and cinema in people’s lives, as well as insight into such varied subjects as abortion, old age, eating habits, shopping, fashion, coal mining, sex, reading, and the decline of Empire.

Musical America

(expired 4/11/13)

Liaison Requested

Username: JMU


Musical America provides the digital and print touchpoints for performing arts professionals to reach out to each other to further their art and their businesses.  This resource provides extensive databases with critical information covering the international landscape of performing artists, facilities, managers, presenters, schools, media, services and organizations and blogs from industry experts exploring the crucial questions faced by businesses and performers.  In-depth coverage of performing arts industry news, Special Reports into the key issues and solutions driving the performing arts industry, latest changes to managers' rosters, and news directly from industry groups and organizations are also provided.


(expired 4/9/13)

Liaison Requested

Username: myckoka@jmu.edu

Password: jamesmadison

PolicyMap is a fully web-based Geographic Information System that captures data through custom demographic maps, tables, reports and an analysis tool, Analytics, and users can use PolicyMap's GIS mapping to incorporate their own data and leverage it against the thousands of indicators already available in PolicyMap.  Available data includes the latest demographics from census, real estate data, health data, mortgage trends, school performance scores, unemployment, crime statistics, and city crime rates.

National Geographic Virtual Library (Gale)

(expired 4/5/13)

Liaison Requested

National Geographic Virtual Library is a cross-searchable platform that comes with standard library features and functionality common to many Gale resources.  Searchable through the 100+ years of National Geographic publications, National Geographic Virtual Library provides students and researchers of all ages a graphical, easy-to-use method of accessing the wealth of material from National Geographic magazine, along with a cross-searchable collection of National Geographic books, maps, images, and videos.

Freedonia Focus Market Research Portal

(expired 4/1/13)

Liaison Requested

Freedonia Focus Reports provide essential market research on a variety of topics. The reports cover an industry either on a global basis (World Collection) or are specific to the United States (United States Collection)The world collection consists of over 100 industry titles addressing topics on a global basis and each report provides a discussion and analysis at the world and regional level.  The United States collection includes over 400 individual titles examining a broad range of topics from industrial applications such as Fuel Cells, Wind Turbines, Packaging, Coatings and Adhesives to consumer topics such as Cell Phones, Personal Computers, Property and Casualty Insurance, Beer and Wine, Toys and Games, and much more.  Each Focus Report includes:  Highlights/Executive Summary, Industry Overview, Industry Trends and Forecasts, Industry Structure, and Resources.

L'Année philologique (EBSCO)

(expired 4/1/13)

Liaison Requested

L’Année philologique is a specialized bibliographic database of scholarly works relating to all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilization.  The database covers a variety of subject matter including: Greek and Latin literature and linguistics, early Christian texts and patristics, Greek and Roman history, art, archaeology, philosophy, religion, mythology, music, science, and scholarly subspecialties such as numismatics, papyrology and epigraphy.  More than 810,000 records are included in L’Année philologique and abstracts of journal articles are in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian.  Books entries often include tables of contents and book review information.

Business Expert Press ebooks

(expired 3/19/13)

Liaison Requested

Business Expert Press's Digital Libraries are filled with practical, concise books covering specific areas of business, including supply and operations management, international business, social media, finance, accounting, public relations, and marketing strategy.  These books are written by international authorities, specifically for students seeking bachelors or masters degrees. 


(expired 3/3/13)

Liaison Requested

Docuseek2 is a new internet site where colleges, universities, and other educational institutions can discover, access, license, stream and share amongst their students, faculty and staff, the best documentary and social issue films and videos available.  This site provides exclusive educational streaming access to content from Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films, and Terra Nova Films and supports traditional key word searches, but expands it to include searching through descriptions and transcripts. Docuseek2 also adds an expanded subject taxonomy, and allows you to combine subject category searches with grade level, length, filmmaker, awards, format and other characteristics to focus your search.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. 2013 (ProQuest)  [Acquired]

(expired 2/28/13)

Liaison Requested

Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878, Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the world.  ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.  It functions as a snapshot of America and its people. 

Accessible Archives

(expired 2/19/13)

Liaison Requested

Accessible Archives is a compilation of diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across American history and culture.  These databases allow access to the rich store of materials from leading books and periodicals of the time, are encyclopedic in scope, and allow for full Boolean, string and truncated searches.  Collections available include:  African American Newspapers, American County Histories, Godey's Lady's Book, The Liberator, The Revolution, Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman, The Virginia Gazette, and many more.

Classical Scores Library, Volume II (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 2/3/13)

Liaison Requested

Classical Scores Library, Volume II contains approximately 400,000 pages (more than 1,300 titles) of the most important classical music scores, manuscripts, and previously unpublished material, allowing for the study and analysis of more than 25,000 musical scores.  All opera, vocal, and choral texts are rekeyed to allow for deep searching and textual analysis and links to the audio recordings in Classical Music Library allow users to listen along while viewing the score.  Classical Scores Library, Volume II currently brings together 20,000 pages and is the first online score collection for libraries that's composed mostly of in-copyright classical scores from major composers and editions.  The use of printed scores typically requires research across a variety of formats – paper, digital images, proprietary electronic formats – and through a variety of interfaces.  This resource also allows users to access multiple types of scores across various composers, genres, and time periods.  Please click here for more information.

LGBT Studies in Video (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 12/24/12)

Liaison Requested

LGBT Studies in Video is a cinematic survey of the lives of lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual people and the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community. Included in this collection are award-winning documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics.  The collection also has cross-disciplinary relevance beyond LGBT courses, serving research and teaching in sociology, anthropology, psychology, counseling, history, political science, gender studies, cultural studies, and religious studies.  Currently, the content is only at 70 hours, but will be growing to 500 hours of streaming video.

Statistical Insight (ProQuest)

(expired 12/1/12)

Liaison Requested

Statistical Insight provides access to statistical information produced by U.S. Federal agencies, states, private organizations, and major intergovernmental organizations.
Instead of relying on the limited capabilities of free-text searching, which is particularly ineffective with the tabular format of statistical data, or wading through large text documents only to find it does NOT have the statistics you need, Statistical Insight allows you to go straight to the tables, or to easily find the right publication with the right key tables. 


Rehabilitation Therapy in Video (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 11/30/12)

Liaison Requested

Rehabilitation Therapy in Video is a collection of streaming video focused on the physical treatment of patients with congenital disorders, chronic health issues, and traumatic injuries.  The videos feature world-renowned occupational, physical, and speech therapists explaining the underlying anatomical and neurological issues in specific patient populations, while demonstrating effective techniques and methods for their treatment.  With footage of therapists working with actual patients, as well as models and illustrations, this collection offers students and faculty a firsthand look at the realities of working with patients and putting theoretical concepts into practice.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 11/30/12)

Vendor Offered

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video is an extremely extensive video collection that covers the areas of fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, and much more.  The collection features an array of internationally renowned physicians, exercise scientists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, registered dieticians, sport psychologists, personal trainers, and health/wellness experts who share information, ideas, and insights on the principles, techniques, and modalities of modern exercise science and sports medicine.  Programs in this resource include athletic training, health promotion, physical education, kinesiology/human movement, exercise physiology, nutritional science, sports medicine, sports science, and physical therapy.  A number of key areas are also covered including aging, back pain, behavior modification, cancer, chronic disease management, concussions, heart health, nutrition and weight control, obesity, women’s health issues, youth sports injuries, and much more.

Material ConneXion  [Acquired]

(expired 11/8/12)

Liaison Requested

With a wide spectrum of material expertise and access to global material sources, Material ConneXion identifies today's material solutions and provides insight into tomorrow's opportunities.  This resource acts as a catalyst for new material and product ideas, creates new opportunities for product development and optimization, uses sustainable materials expertise to guide environmentally responsible material solutions, provides a competitive edge through deep dive research on materials in development and untapped technologies, finds solutions to specific material challenges, identifies material trends for particular industries, and provides a comprehensive overview of today's innovative material solutions from various industries.  This comprehensive database consists of more than 7,000 materials which provides researchers with the cutting edge tools needed today to create smarter, more sustainable material solutions.

In order to access the Materials Database remotely (off campus), please create a free Personal Account.  A Personal Account can also be used on campus and offers certain benefits and advanced features.  For instance, students and faculty can save materials they have researched by "tagging" them. Use this link in order to create a personal account.  A valid school e-mail address must be used as a username.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 11/3/12)

Liaison Requested

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video is a collection that illustrates the strategies, techniques, and experiences of professionals serving on the front lines of justice and public safety.  From law enforcement and corrections personnel, to first responders and victims’ advocates, this compilation of documentaries, training videos and interviews visually depicts the theoretical principles and practical application of criminal justice and emergency response.  Investigation techniques, parole monitoring, victim counseling, and forensic analysis are just a few of the topics covered within this resource.  Additional information can be found here.

Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)

(expired 10/30/12)

Liaison Requested

Web of Science provides researchers, administrators, faculty, and students with quick, powerful access to the world's leading citation databases.  This resource contains authoritative, multidisciplinary content and covers over 12,000 of the highest impact journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and over 150,000 conference proceedings.  You will find current and retrospective coverage in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities, with coverage to 1900.  You can also simply focus on essential data across more than 250 disciplines.

Leadership Library (Leadership Directories, Inc.)

(expired 10/19/12)

Vendor Offered

The Leadership Library is a lead generation machine which can be used to find government, business, legal, media, and nonprofit professionals by name, organization, or keyword.  It is possible to search full profile information for people and organizations and to download up to 10,000 records as part of the base subscription.  Data can also be exported into different formats.  Many of the listings include direct-dial telephone numbers, addresses, career histories, education backgrounds, board affiliations, areas of responsibility, and hundreds of thousands of contact-specific e-mail that go beyond "info@".  Please also note that there are expanded visual search options as well.  Issues covered on the Hill, media beat, job function, office speciality, legal specialty, lobbying specialty, or Alma mater may also be explored.  The feature "The Leadership 1000" shows the Leadership Library's annual ranking of the largest companies in the U.S.  Please click here for more information.

Leadership Networks (Leadership Directories, Inc.)

(expired 10/19/12)

Vendor Offered

Leadership Networks shows the type and strength of key links and connections among leaders in the public and private sectors.  Anyone who needs to get a meeting or contact a hard-to-reach executive will appreciate the value of Leadership Networks.  This resource is "clickable" and interactive - scroll over people icons for contact and biographical info, or scroll over the multicolored nodes to see exactly how and why people are connected to each other.  Leadership Networks gives the ability to identify opportunities, follow the flow of influence, fuel your research, and contact decision-makers.  Please click here for more information.

New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990-Present (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 10/13/12)

Liaison Requested

New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990-Present is a collection that includes approximately 200 full-length feature films from leading independent distributors such as Kino Lorber, First Run Features, Film Movement, MK2, and Global Lens.  All films were presented at major film festivals, many were nominated for awards, and many have won major awards.  Films include the Oscar®-nominated Twilight Samurai, directed by Yôji Yamada, Oscar®-nominated The Scent of Green Papaya, directed by Tran Anh Hung, Oscar® nominated Dogtooth, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, and Cannes Grand Jury Prize winner The Piano Teacher, directed by Michael Haneke.

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 10/8/12)

Liaison Requested

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels is a scholarly, primary source database focusing on adult comic books and graphic novels.  This resource begins with the first underground comix from the 1960’s and covers material up through the works of modern sequential artists.  The current release contains 293 comic series, 1,612 comic books totaling 101,391 pages, but will eventually contain more than 75,000 pages of comics and graphic novels, along with 25,000 pages of interviews, criticism, and journal articles that document the continual growth and evolution of this artform.

International Law - Oxford Bibliographies Online (Oxford University Press)

(expired 10/4/12)

Liaison Requested

The International Law module of Oxford Bibliographies Online is designed to provide authoritative guidance.  The field is rife with debate and controversy, as with most anything that deals with such a complex system of rules and principles meant to govern the relations between states and other institutional subjects, such as the United Nations or the European Union.  Through this resource, researchers can easily access library catalogs, bibliographic indexes, records of court decisions, and other lists that show thousands of resources that might also be useful to them.  The Oxford Bibliographies homepage, where you will be able to search 28 other subjects, can be located here.

State Stats (CQ Press)

(expired 10/4/12)

Liaison Requested

State Stats provides comprehensive data coverage of each state including health care, crime, education and more.  Data from more than 80 different sources covering more than 15 years is included in this resource.  When you find data you're interested in, explore it using the mapping and graphing tools and then compare it with other data sets, or export it to Excel.

Cambridge Companions to Music (Cambridge University Press)

(expired 9/30/12)

Liaison Requested

Cambridge Companions to Music provides clear and accessible information about composers, instruments or musical topics, written with the student, the performer and the music lover in mind.  Each volume provides a structured series of specially-commissioned essays by leading authorities offering comprehensive coverage and indispensable reference material.


(expired 9/30/12)

Liaison Requested

Knovel is comprised of authoritative science and technology references used by academics, professional engineers, and engineering students around the world.  Providing a resource for technical data for a career in engineering, Knovel provides students with experience retrieving the critical research data necessary to solve real-world engineering problems.

Nursing Digital Library (Insight Media)

(expired 9/21/12)

Liaison Requested

Username: madison

Password: madison

Nursing Digital Library is a compilation of over 150 individual titles produced for use in nursing education.  There are over 120 hours of nursing training videos from a variety of respected producers, new products are added on a regular bases, and all titles are indexed and divided into short segments for easy access to the topics you are most interested in watching.  For a full list of covered topics, please click here.

Health and Society in Video (Alexander Street Press)

(expired 8/11/12)

Liaison Requested

Health and Society in Video is a collection of streaming documentaries that bridge the gap between science and public understanding.  These films present the realities of illness, treatment, and modern healthcare systems and examine the tumultuous history of society’s response to pandemics and other health crises world-wide.

Education Index Retrospective (H.W. Wilson)

(expired 7/17/12)

Liaison Requested

Education Index Retrospective provides a record of important education literature in an easily-searchable format.  Information on societal trends affecting education, for example segregation, multiculturalism, feminism, economic developments, and more can all be found.  Content includes:  Accurate, detailed indexing of over 800 periodicals, many of them peer-reviewed, 850,000 cited articles, including book reviews, and indexing from 33 printed cumulations.  Also, updated subject headings make finding information easy and original subject headings are also retained, providing insight into the way issues of the day were framed. 

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports 1941-1996 (Readex)

(expired 7/7/12)

Liaison Requested

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service is a United States government agency which translates the text of daily radio and television broadcasts, newspapers and periodicals, government statements, books, and other sources of unrestricted information such as databases and gray literature from non-English sources around the world.  Reports with translations are issued for eight world regions daily and cover such topics as military affairs, politics, the environment, societal issues, economics, and science and technology.  Reports available in this database span 1941 through 1996.

Oxford Bibliographies Online

(expired 7/5/12)

Liaison Requested

For remote access to this site:

Username:  jamesmadu

Password:  jamesmadu

Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) is a scholar-curated library of discipline-based subject modules.  OBO is designed to help busy researchers find reliable sources of information in half the time by directing them to exactly the right chapter, book, website, archive, or data set they need for their research.  Each entry is a selective guided tour through the key literature on a topic, receives multiple peer-reviews as well as Editorial Board approval, and is designed to facilitate a research experience with no dead ends.  All citations are linked through to your collection via OpenURL, full-text via DOIs, or to the web via links to OCLC, WorldCat, and Google Books, allowing users to locate quickly full-text content directly from OBO.  OBO is the ultimate collection development tool for librarians and time saving tool for students and researchers.


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