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Photo circa 1908
Centennial Projects in Special Collections

JMU Founding Documents in Special Collections. Inaugurated 2004, this digitization project was completed in 2008.  The project includes links to the following documents in JMU Historical Collection: Faculty Minutes 1909-1915, Student handbooks 1912-1914, Normal Bulletins 1909-1911, School Ma'am (yearbooks) 1910-1912, a diploma from 1912, commencement programs 1910-1912, selected posters from the Lanier Society, Lee Society and YWCA Poster books c. 1909-1916, the "Annotated Historical Timeline of JMU, 1908-1959" [written by Sean Crowley, Library Staff, December 2006], images from the Board of Trustees Minutes, 1908-1914, and selected documents from the Burruss Papers at Virginia Tech. 

Dressing for Education:  JMU in the Founding Years, 1909-1929.  This Centennial exhibition opened on Founder's Day 2007 and ran until May 2008 in the historic lobby in the 1939 wing of Carrier Library. The display featured photographs, yearbooks and ephemera from the library's Special Collections'  JMU Historical Collection and period clothing from the School of Theatre and Dance's Historic Clothing Collection. The exhibition was based on a research project, "Dressing for Education the First Fifty Years: Highlights of the JMU Historic Clothing Collection 1908-1959," by JMU theater Professor Pamela Schuelke Johnson and Sabrina Claire Chapman, a member of the JMU Class of 2005.

Centennial Oral Histories. Includes Madison Confessionals from several Bluestone Reunions, various interviews with JMU personnel done in recent years, and ongoing alumni interviews.

Burruss Endowment Historical Research Grants in JMU Institutional History:
Additional SC Resources for Centennial Publications & Displays
Major administrative & student publications, self-studies, speeches, research studies, & other materials can be found by searching the JMU Library Catalog.

Additional resources can be found on SC web pages:
Photo circa 1908


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