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New Biology Books

  • The Cambrian explosion : the construction of animal biodiversity / Douglas H. Erwin, Department of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC and Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, NM, James W. Valentine, Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley
  • Randomness in evolution / John Tyler Bonner.
  • Relentless evolution / John N. Thompson.
  • Crucible of science : the story of the Cori laboratory / John H. Exton.
  • Divided brains : the biology and behaviour of brain asymmetries / Lesley J. Rogers, Giorgio Vallortigara, Richard J. Andrew.
  • Frankenstein's cat : cuddling up to biotech's brave new beasts / Emily Anthes.
  • Animal oppression and human violence : domesecration, capitalism, and global conflict / David A. Nibert.
  • Multiple stable states in natural ecosystems / Peter Petraitis
  • Stung! : on jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean / Lisa-Ann Gershwin ; with a foreword by Sylvia Earle
  • Animal personalities : behavior, physiology, and evolution / edited by Claudio Carere and Dario Maestripieri
  • Bone histology of fossil tetrapods : advancing methods, analysis, and interpretation / edited by Kevin Padian, Ellen-Thérèse Lamm
  • The Book of barely imagined beings : a 21st century bestiary / Caspar Henderson
  • The cell : a very short introduction / Terence Allen and Graham Cowling
  • Ecological speciation / Patrik Nosil
  • Field guide to fishes of the Chesapeake Bay / Edward O. Murdy and John A. Musick ; illustrated by Val Kells
  • Getting started with R : an introduction for biologists / Andrew P. Beckerman & Owen L. Petchey ; Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield & Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zürich
  • Microbiology and infectious diseases / authors, Thomas Locke, Sally Keat, Andrew Walker, and Rory Mackinnon ; editorial advisor, R.C. Read
  • Mutation-driven evolution / Masatoshi Nei
  • Nanobioelectrochemistry : from implantable biosensors to green power generation / Frank N. Crespilho, editor
  • Receptor binding techniques / edited by Anthony P. Davenport
  • Signal transduction immunohistochemistry : methods and protocols / edited by Alexander E. Kalyuzhny
  • Invasive species : what everyone needs to know / Daniel Simberloff
  • A natural history of the central Appalachians / Steven L. Stephenson
  • Ecological and environmental physiology of fishes / by F. Brian Eddy, Richard D. Handy
  • Climate change and Pacific islands : indicators and impacts : report for the 2012 Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA) / coordinating lead editors: Victoria W. Keener ... [et al.]
  • MATLAB in bioscience and biotechnology / Leonid Burstein
  • Plant stress physiology / edited by Sergey Shabala
  • Practicing biology : a student workbook for Biological science, fifth edition, Scott Freeman / Jean Heitz, Cynthia Giffen
  • Characterization of biomaterials / edited by Amit Bandyopadhyay, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Fellow AAAS, ASM International, AIMBE and ACerS, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA, Susmita Bose, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Fellow AAAS, ASM International, AIMBE and ACerS, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA
  • Invasive plant ecology / edited by Shibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy Rani Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli
  • Essential guide to reading biomedical papers : recognising and interpreting best practice / editor, Phil Langton
  • Trying biology : the Scopes trial, textbooks, and the antievolution movement in American schools / Adam R. Shapiro.
  • Bacteria : a very short introduction / Sebastian G.B. Amyes
  • Color atlas of Xenopus laevis histology / by Allan F. Wiechmann and Celeste E. Wirsig-Wiechmann
  • Bioethics and the future of stem cell research / Insoo Hyun.
  • The making of the mind : the neuroscience of human nature / Ronald T. Kellogg.
  • Life's vital link : the astonishing role of the placenta / Y.W. Loke
  • After the genome : a language for our biotechnological future / Michael J. Hyde, James A. Herrick, editors
  • Aquatic entomology / Jill Lancaster and Barbara J. Downes
  • Teaming with nutrients : the organic gardener's guide to plant nutrition / Jeff Lowenfels
  • The handbook of plant metabolomics / edited by Wolfram Weckwerth and Guenter Kahl
  • Polyploid and hybrid genomics / edited by Z. Jeffrey Chen and James A. Birchler
  • Genetics and philosophy : an introduction / Paul Griffiths, Karola Stotz.
  • Animal contests / edited by Ian C.W. Hardy, University of Nottingham, UK, Mark Briffa, Plymouth University, UK.
  • The human microbiome : ethical, legal and social concerns / edited by Rosamond Rhodes, Nada Gligorov, and Abraham Paul Schwab.
  • Adaptive processing of brain signals / Saeid Sanei
  • Behavioral genetics of the mouse. Volume 1, Genetics of behavioral phenotypes / edited by Wim E. Crusio ... []
  • Creation : how science is reinventing life itself / Adam Rutherford
  • Lippincott's pocket neuroanatomy / Douglas J. Gould
  • Mosquitoes of the southeastern United States / Nathan D. Burkett-Cadena
  • Painting the landscape with fire : longleaf pines and fire ecology / Den Latham ; foreword by Shibu Jose
  • Plant centromere biology / editors, Jiming Jiang, James A. Birchler
  • Seed genomics / edited by Philip W. Becraft, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology Department, Agronomy Department, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
  • An inordinate fondness for beetles : campfire conversations with Alfred Russel Wallace on people and nature based on common travel in the Malay Archipelago, the land of the orangutan and the bird of paradise / Paul Spencer Sochaczewski
  • Bioenergy feedstocks : breeding and genetics / editors: Malay C. Saha, Hem S. Bhandari, Joseph H. Bouton
  • Genetically modified food sources : safety assessment and control / edited by V.A. Tutelyan
  • PCR technology : current innovations
  • Virus-induced gene silencing : methods and protocols / edited by Annette Becker
  • Plant mutation breeding and biotechnology / edited by Q.Y. Shu, B.P.Forster, H. Nakagawa
  • Ecology of climate change : the importance of biotic interactions / Eric Post.
  • How we do it : the evolution and future of human reproduction / Robert Martin
  • Synthetic biology and morality : artificial life and the bounds of nature / edited by Gregory E. Kaebnick and Thomas H. Murray.
  • A theory of justice for animals : animal rights in a nonideal world / Robert Garner.
  • The secret world of sleep : the surprising science of the mind at rest / Penelope A. Lewis ; illustrations by Thomas Shafee
  • Animal eyes / Michael F. Land and Dan-Eric Nilsson
  • How things shape the mind : a theory of material engagement / Lambros Malafouris.
  • The story of the human body : evolution, health, and disease / Daniel E. Lieberman.
  • Tracks and shadows : field biology as art / Harry W. Greene.
  • Naturalists at sea : scientific travellers from Dampier to Darwin / Glyn Williams.
  • The long and the short of it : the science of life span and aging / Jonathan Silvertown.
  • The quest for the golden trout : environmental loss & America's iconic fish / Douglas M. Thompson.
  • Marine biology : a very short introduction / Philip V. Mladenov
  • The cognitive-emotional brain : from interactions to integration / Luiz Pessoa.
  • The neuroscience of freedom and creativity : our predictive brain / Joaquín M. Fuster.
  • Visual psychophysics : from laboratory to theory / Zhong-Lin Lu and Barbara Dosher.
  • Females are mosaics : X inactivation and sex differences in disease / Barbara R. Migeon.
  • Pure and modern milk : an environmental history since 1900 / Kendra Smith-Howard.
  • Our once and future planet : restoring the world in the climate change century / Paddy Woodworth.
  • Sex itself : the search for male and female in the human genome / Sarah S. Richardson.
  • Was Hitler a Darwinian? : disputed questions in the history of evolutionary theory / Robert J. Richards.
  • Genome analysis : current procedures and applications / edited by Maria S. Poptsova
  • The biology of peatlands / Håkan Rydin and John K. Jeglum ; with contributions from Keith D. Bennett [and others]
  • Measurements for terrestrial vegetation / Charles D. Bonham, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Network economics of marine ecosystems and their exploitation / Christian Mullon
  • The monkey's voyage : how improbable journeys shaped the history of life / Alan de Queiroz
  • Arthropod biology and evolution : molecules, development, morphology / Alessandro Minelli, Geoffrey Boxshall, Giuseppe Fusco, editors
  • The development of bioethics in the United States / Jeremy R. Garrett, Fabrice Jotterand, D. Christopher Ralston, editors
  • Immunology : an illustrated outline / David Male
  • Lippincott's pocket histology / Lisa M.J. Lee
  • The mythical zoo : animals in myth, legend, and literature / Boria Sax
  • Octopus! : the most mysterious creature in the sea / Katherine Harmon Courage
  • The roots of cognitive neuroscience : behavioral neurology and neuropsychology / edited by Anjan Chatterjee, H. Branch Coslett
  • To catch a virus / John Booss, and Marilyn J. August
  • Animal Earth : the amazing diversity of living creatures / Ross Piper
  • Mutualistic networks / Jordi Bascompte and Pedro Jordano.
  • The biology of chameleons / edited by Krystal A. Tolley and Anthony Herrel.
  • Biophysics : searching for principles / William Bialek
  • Comparative biomechanics : life's physical world / Steven Vogel ; illustrated by Annette de Ferrari
  • Dragonflies and damselflies of the East / Dennis Paulson
  • Évolution. English
  • Dragonflies and damselflies of the West / Dennis Paulson
  • Solid biomechanics / Roland Ennos
  • Animal body size : linking pattern and process across space, time, and taxonomic group / edited by Felisa A. Smith and S. Kathleen Lyons
  • Human evolution : genes, genealogies and phylogenies / Graeme Finlay, Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology, Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Nature's saviours : celebrity conservationists in the television age / Graham Huggan.
  • The evolution of phylogenetic systematics / edited by Andrew Hamilton.
  • Outsider scientists : routes to innovation in biology / edited by Oren Harman and Michael R. Dietrich.
  • Charles Darwin : the shaping of evolutionary thinking / Lance Workman
  • Sensorimotor control and learning : an introduction to the behavioral neuroscience of action / by James Tresilian
  • The global guide to animal protection / edited by Andrew Linzey ; foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  • Humanity enhanced : genetic choice and the challenge for liberal democracies / Russell Blackford.
  • Principles of ecotoxicology / C.H. Walker ... [et al.]
  • When the invasion of land failed : the legacy of the Devonian extinctions / George R. McGhee Jr
  • Advances in evolutionary developmental biology / edited by J. Todd Streelman
  • Biological knowledge discovery handbook : preprocessing, mining, and postprocessing of biological data / edited by Mourad Elloumi, Albert Y. Zomaya
  • Consciousness and the brain : deciphering how the brain codes our thoughts / Stanislas Dehaene
  • Developmental genomics of ascidians / Noriyuki Satoh
  • From X-rays to DNA : how engineering drives biology / W. David Lee, with Jeffrey Drazen, Phillip A. Sharp, and Robert S. Langer
  • Handbook of laboratory animal science / edited by Jann Hau, Steven J. Schapiro
  • Pot-honey : a legacy of stingless bees / Patricia Vit, Silvia R.M. Pedro, David W. Roubik, editors
  • Water in biological and chemical processes : from structure and dynamics to function / Biman Bagchi, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • Systematics of the Caligidae, copepods parasitic on marine fishes / by M. Dojiri and J.-S. Ho
  • The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of psychoneuroimmunology / edited by Alexander W. Kusnecov And Hymie Anisman
  • The infectious microbe / William Firshein.
  • Good science : the ethical choreography of stem cell research / Charis Thompson.
  • The Lost World of Fossil Lake : snapshots from deep time / Lance Grande ; with photography by Lance Grande and John Weinstein
  • Aesthetic science : connecting minds, brains, and experience / edited by Arthur P. Shimamura and Stephen E. Palmer.
  • Analyzing neural time series data : theory and practice / Mike X. Cohen.
  • Potentiality : metaphysical and bioethical dimensions / edited by John P. Lizza.




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