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Chemistry Databases

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lower Division Guide

Intro to the Library

Chemical Identifiers and Reference

Types of Sources

Citing Sources

Basic Database Searches

Introduction to the Library (CHEM 287L)

The Reference Section Tutorials - Learn how to find information relevant to lab work in handbooks (NMR, IR, physical data- mp/bp) (CHEM 287L)

Resource Name Tutorial Link Description
CRC Handbook CRC Tutorial

Also known as the Chemists' Bible, the CRC Handbook contains property information

Aldrich Catalog no tutorial Contains a number of MSDS sheets as well as information about ordering materials
Merck Index Merck Tutorial Find physical property information for commonly used chemicals and drugs.
Lange's Handbook Lange's Tutorial Includes general data, figures, and tables on information broken down into 4 sections of chemistry: Inorganic, Organic, Spectroscopy, and General Information and Converstion Tables. The handbook is designed to provide useful information in an easy to use format.
Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary Hawley Tutorial East Lib Reference QD5 .C5 2007; A dictionary of chemical terms. Also contains information about Nobel scientists and Trademarked chemicals.
Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemistry and Technology K-O Tutorial East Lib Reference TP9 .K54 2004; Multi-volume set containing encyclopedia entries for major events and processes in chemistry and technology.

CAS Registry Numbers - what they are and how they work (CHEM 287L)

MSDS- Material Safety Data Sheets(CHEM 287L)

OSHA definitions
Explanation of MSDS (from Princeton University)

Publication (CHEM 288L)

Grey, Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Literature Tutorial (7 minutes)
The Flow of Information

Peer Review Process (CHEM 288L)

Background on the Peer Review Process

Problems with the Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process (wikipedia article providing both sides)

Citing your Sources

Introduction to RefWorks - RefWorks in 5 minutes (tutorial) (CHEM 288L)

Citing your References in ACS Style

Examples of citations in ACS Style

Basic Searching in Chemistry Databases

SciFinder Basics (tutorials from SciFinder Scholar)

References by research topic (CHEM 288L)

Author Searching (CHEM 288L)
Working with reference answer sets (CHEM 288L)

Analyze (.pdf)

Refine (.pdf)

Access Full Text (.pdf) (*note: for full-text you will look for the Check for Full Text @ JMU button.)

Identify Related Citations (.pdf)

Structure drawing (.pdf) (CHEM 288L)

Substructure searching (tutorial) (.pdf) (CHEM 242)
Beginning reaction searching (.pdf) (CHEM 242)
Finding similar reactions (tutorial) (CHEM 242)

Scopus Basics (CHEM 288L)

Quick Search Guide for Searching Scopus (.pdf)

Author Searching (tutorial from Scopus)

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Chemistry Librarian
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Meris Mandernach

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