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SCOM 344: Oral Intepretation                    


Using JMU Library Catalog to find a text; consider using these subject headings to direct you:

Subject Heading



Describing Life:  Monologs for Women

One Person Shows Performing Arts

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Biography 20th Century (or any century)

Fifty Voices of the 20th Century


Autobiography:  Narrative of Transformation

Slave Narratives

Memoir of Pierre Toussaint, born a slave

Thoreau Henry David 1817-1862 Diaries

I to Myself:  An Annotated Selection for the Journal of Henry David Thoreau

Authors, American 19th century interviews

Mainly the Truth, Interviews with Mark Twain


Set Speeches and Soliloquies (video)                            


Rudyard Kipling’s Uncollected Speeches:  A Second Book of Words with a Checklist of His Speeches


This is a short list of how you can approach either the genre of monologue for performance/interpretation or a subject that lends itself to that kind of treatment.  Think though, a search on the subject Autobiography doesn’t get you to Henry David Thoreau – it takes you to works on autobiography which will *very likely* contain examples of someone’s words, important speeches, works.  If you have some person in mind, use them as your subject. 

Please ask me for help if you have an idea for piece but are having trouble putting into words JMU Library Catalog understands. 


If you prefer to browse try doing it here:

Looking for ????                     

Browse Here (all the Ps are the 3d Floor of Carrier)

Short Stories

Carrier Call Number=PS648 


Carrier Call Numbers=PN1010-1525, PN6099-6110, PS310-326, PS580-619


Carrier Call Numbers=PN1600-3307, PN6110.5-6120, PS330-353, PS623-635

The links take you to Library Subject Guides for Poetry and Plays with even more resources (thank you Melissa the English librarian!)


You can also use these library databases to find a text: 



American Civil War:  Letters and Diaries

Letters on Death of a Loved One during the war

American Rhetoric Speech Bank

Rhetorical Literacy:  Robert C. Byrd on the Arrogance of Power

British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries

Letters and Diaries of Jane Austen

Early Encounters in North America

Firsthand accounts in early Virginia

North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories

Diaries of missionaries to Vancouver, BC

Social and Cultural History:  Letters and Diaries Online

Diary of Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker, witness to the Boston Tea Party

Past Masters:  Philosophy & Theology

Words of MAJOR writers and philosophers from antiquity to the 20th Century.   Bacon-Yeats



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