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The preservation office of Carrier Library is sponsoring a book repair workshop on October 2 at 3pm and November 6, 3pm.  These workshops will show participants preservation techniques that will add years to the lives of personal book collections. 

Reading and handling books eventually leads to repair, as pages fall out and covers loosen. Library and personal book collections suffer many of the same problems and improper repair can result in even more damage or premature aging of  books. In 1999, over 3,000 books from Carrier Library were repaired  in-house and returned to active service.  Using state-of-the-art techniques and archival materials, library student assistants, under the direction of Mary Wilson Stewart, head of the Preservation/Binding unit have repaired/restored materials saving $75,000 in replacement costs.

Mary Wilson Stewart, is offering a one-hour, hands-on workshop in Basic Book Repair designed for personal collections. This free workshop will focus on proper technique and materials for the repair/preservation of your books.  

Free Registration by email to stewarmw@jmu.edu or phone 568-7040.  Classes will meet in the lobby of Carrier Library.

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