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AkanatenThe Study Center for Art and World Cultures
by Johlene Hess

Located on the first floor of Carrier Library, this permanent exhibit features eleven cultural categories, ranging from Mesopotamia to Native America.  The artifacts were chosen from the Sawhill collection (JMU's Fine Art collection) to complement the art history curriculum and to be used as a study aid.

The Sawhill collection was bequeathed to the University in 1976 by Dr. Sawhill, a professor of Latin, Greek and German at
JMU for 30 years.  Over the years it has been augmented by other donations of art.  The African masks displayed were a donation by Robert A. Zeigler.

The exhibit cases housing the artifacts were donated by the JMU Foundation. Many thanks to Dr. Sonner and the JMU Foundation for facilitating this exhibition. The Study Center for Art and World Cultures is available for viewing during Carrier Library's hours of operation. 

A website was developed this summer by Johlene Hess and Brendon Cornwell to facilitate use of the  study center.  It is available on the library web or from the library Exhibits page

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