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Librarians Who Surf
Compiled by
 Kathy Clarke, Business Librarian

A list of web sites regularly consulted (for fun or otherwise) by the JMU Libraries faculty and staff.

Gordon Miller, Reference Librarian: 
Project Vote Smart
This is a site well known and has been selected by the American Political Science Association as the "Best Political Web site in existence."  The site has a lot of information on government but is best known for its detailed sources on every elected official's voting record and campaign finances.  This fall, the site will be used heavily for candidate information.  It is non-partisan, non-biased and reliable.

Mark Purington, Approvals Manager:
Astronomy Pic of the Day (APOD)
The blurb for the site reads "Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer."
Astronomy Pic of the Day offers some of the most beautiful photography you will find anywhere. Many of the photos were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope or from the growing number of satellites and space probes. Most are in vibrant color, and all include a helpful caption written in lay terms.
The site is also archived and indexed, so if you ever need a picture of Saturn, Neil Armstrong, or a spiral galaxy, etc., you have but to ask. This is a great daily treat, not to mention an fabulous source of desktop wallpaper.

John McGehee, CISAT Librarian:
The Shakespearean Insult Page
This amusing web site is tons of fun for all lovers of Shakespeare, Elizabethan English, and good old-fashioned personal insults. When you visit the page, a computerized system (actually a CGI script) generates a random "Shakespearean insult" from a large vocabulary of nouns and adjectives that sound like they might have been used in a Shakespeare play (some of the words in the vocabulary have never appeared in a Shakespeare play.) To view a new insult simply reload the page. So next time the class bully insults your mother, you can have one of these retorts ready: "Thou unmuzzled toad-spotted miscreant." or "Thou pribbling toad-spotted bugbear." or "Thou wayward motley-minded bum-bailey." or even "Thou infectious hasty-witted coxcomb."

Lynn Cameron, Reference Librarian:
Center for a New American Dream
I like it because it articulates a new dream for America that is not based on consumption. The traditional American Dream once focused on greater security, opportunity, and happiness, but it has been supplanted by an extraordinary emphasis on acquisition. The Center is attempting to shift American culture away from its current emphasis on consumption towards a more fulfilling and sustainable way of life. My favorite part of the site is the syndicated column that focuses on the relationship between consumption, quality of life, the environment, and values. The thought-provoking columns are written by notable experts.

Becky Deloney, Electronic Resources Analyst: Epicurios
I like the recipe box feature and trying out new recipes.

Jerry Gill, Government Documents Librarian: What does your phone number spell? Find out at phonespell.  Need information on the right caviar to serve?  Try the caviar section at wines.com.  The Librarian's Guide to the Internet is a fabulous source for information, and keep up with Virginia weather trends at Intellicast Radar for Virginia

Kathy Clarke, Business Librarian:  Salon 
I enjoy reading this online magazine for it's interesting coverage of daily events. The recent coverage of the 2000 election has been particularly balanced at showing the weaknesses of both the republican and democratic nominees. While there is a significant amount of advertising, the articles do not seem to have a bias towards one position over another. I will admit that there is tendency towards the liberal left, but I can live with that. I particularly enjoy Garrison Keillor's advice column, Dear Mr. Blue, and the section for parents, Mother's Who Think.

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