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 Web of Science®
  Sharon Gasser, Dept. Head, Technical Services

FANTASTIC!  I've been waiting for this for years, and it is extremely valuable!!!

 ...great tool for helping faculty and students find pertinent references!

 Fantastic searching tool!

Faculty are raving about Web of Science®, the new online resource funded in part by the Friends of Carrier Library.   

The strength of Web of Science® is its "cited reference" searching.  Dr. Jim Herrick, Assistant Professor of Biology, writes:

 I use the Web of Science® (Science Citation Index) online search engine on a regular basis because it provides a search capability which is not possible with other search programs, namely the ability to search forward in time from a cited article. This makes looking for references, particularly on an unfamiliar topic, much much easier (and since students are, by definition, always searching out unfamiliar topics, the SCI is particularly useful for them). One can find a seminal article, say on a new technique like the polymerase chain reaction or a new area of investigation like bioinformatics, and follow through to the present all papers which have cited that article to see the latest uses or applications or extensions of the work. Students all seem to have experience and an intuitive feel for looking at cited references and going backward from there but express universal amazement at this ability to search forward. It is already proving to be a useful tool for my more advanced junior- and senior-level students doing independent research.

Other features include "related records" and "holdings."  The "related records" feature offers the ability to compare an article with other articles in the database, which presumably share a subject relationship based on the similarity of citations.  It links and displays all articles that have cited references in common. The "holdings" feature will search the LEO Library Catalog for the journal title. 

Web of Science® provides web access to two citation indexes and covers 1995 to date.  The name is misleading because the database provides broad coverage in both the social sciences and sciences. Databases include: 

  • Science Citation Index Expanded® indexes more than 5,600 major journals across more than 150 scientific disciplines, including biology, medicine, chemistry, cell biology, physics, toxicology, and psychiatry.

  • Social Sciences Citation Index Expanded® indexes more than 1,700 of the world's leading social sciences journals and selectively covers over 5,600 leading science journals in a broad range of disciplines, including geriatrics, health policy and services, nursing, rehabilitation, public health, psychology, and biomedical social sciences. 

Web of Science® is available to any member of the JMU community.  Service is limited to 5 simultaneous users.  Give it a try - you'll rave about it, too!

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