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Book Repair Workshop Results
by Johlene Hess

Book Repair Workshops were held on on October 2 and November 6.  These workshops, sponsored by the preservation office of Carrier Library, were a huge success. 

Participants gathered around Mary Wilson Stewart as she began the workshop with proper handling/storage of printed materials, discussed book construction methods, and preservation repair methods. 

This hands-on workshop focused on techniques for home repair,  and increasing it's useful life.  Surprisingly, small repairs such as tightening a loose hinge, (using the proper glue) will extend the life of the book considerably.  

A knitting needle ensures the proper placement of glue.   


Viewing the hinge replacement procedure.


Participants brought  books with them for repair.  Discussion of repair strategies for these books enriched the experience. For more information on simple book repair techniques, visit Dartmouth College Library Preservation Services online.

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