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    Friends of Carrier Library
    by Alma Hale-Cooper

    The Friends of Carrier Library was founded 17 years ago to support Carrier Library through publicity and financial support.  Funding for purchases and events comes from the endowment created by the Friendsí original 41 members, the annual membership drive and special events.   Members of the Friends Executive Committee  are:  Judy Cohen, President, Mary Addy, Ralph Alberico, Peggy Allen,  Alma Hale-Cooper, Reba Leiding, and Colleen Richards. 

    Two major on-going contributions from the Friends are the Browsing Collection of current fiction and non-fiction  in the library lobby and the Library of Congress exhibits on American history in the reference area. 

    Friends' activities in 2002: 

    Sponsored the John Farrell Family Concert on March  23.  John is a songwriter, storyteller who has been coming to perform for us for the past nine years.  His concert was held at the Court Square Theater and was successful as usual with an attendance of over 200 people. 

    Supported three Genealogy Workshops facilitated by Gordon Miller during June and July.  Two of them were computer workshops consisting of eight people each.  One was a classroom workshop for 25 people.  This is the eleventh year Gordon has facilitated these workshops for us, and as usual all the workshops were filled to capacity.

    Sponsored the Annual Book Sale (October 5), which is held each year on Parentís Weekend on the library patio.  We made $1000 over the weekend.  The books were left in the library lobby for two weeks so students and faculty could take advantage of our sale.  Our total sales amounted to $1673.55 (just $10 less than we made last year).  Many thanks go to staff members Ralph, Reba, Kathy, Candie, Jeff, Claire, Friends Committee members Judy and  Peggy and Almaís student assistant Wei Wei for working at the sale on Saturday.

    Plans for 2003:

    John Farrell Family Concert to be held on Saturday, April 12, at the Court Square Theater. This will be Johnís tenth year anniversary for performing for us. 

    More Genealogy Workshops next summer facilitated by Gordon Miller.

    Annual Book Sale Parentís Weekend

    Membership in Friends is open to anyone who donates to the group for an annual fee of:  $25 for an individual membership, and $50 for a family membership.  Members may use all of Carrier Libraryís resources.  For information regarding membership, contact Alma Hale-Cooper at 568-6996.

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