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    Library Implements Quiet Zones and Cell Phone Policy
    by Reba Leiding,  editor

    Carrier Library will be a quieter place to study this year with the implementation of Quiet Zones and a new cell phone policy starting with the beginning of Fall Semester. 

    Cell phone use is permitted only in Carrier Library’s main lobby and in the enclosed stairwells.  The policy asks that library users turn off their cell phones or set them to vibrate in all other areas of the library. 

    The cell phone policy was implemented as a result of input from the Library’s Student Advisory Committee, and from students and faculty using the library.  The library conducted a survey in the past year that also elicited numerous comments from students and faculty about noise in the library.  “As a library on a residential campus, one of our most important functions is offering a place where people can find a quiet study environment,” says Ralph Alberico, Dean of Libraries.  “At the same time, we know that group study and group projects are increasingly used as a part of many assignments, and we want to provide areas to accommodate group work as well.”

    The Quiet Zones are designated areas where noise is to be kept to a minimum to encourage individual study.  These areas include:

    Quiet Zones: no cell phone use, no talking

    • First Floor:     Periodicals Reading Room, Center for Arts and World Culture Study Table
    • Second Floor:  L – M stacks area
    • Entire Third Floor, except group study rooms
    • Second to fifth level stacks

    All other areas of Carrier Library are designated as “considerate zones.”  Conversations may be held at moderate level and group study is acceptable.  Cell phone use is prohibited and noise should be kept to a minimum.  Users are urged to be considerate of others.

    Group Study Areas:

    • First floor:             Study tables outside Computer Lab
                                 Study tables in Government Documents area
                                 Reference Area
    • Second floor:         Study tables outside Microforms room
                                 Group Study room 247, and Study Carrels 231, 233-237
    • Third floor:            Group Study rooms 305-310 only

    Signs are posted around the library so patrons will know where the Quiet and Considerate Zones are located.

    See the complete noise and cell phone policy. 

    E-mail comments and questions to:

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    All rights reserved.