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    Librarians Travel to Passport Events
    by Kathy Clarke, Business Librarian

    Academic year 2003 marks the first collaboration between JMU libraries with the Wellness Passport program.

    The Passport program requires students in Health 100 to attend on-campus sessions designed to enhance their wellness in five dimensions; emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical.  Being information literate is a part of the intellectual wellness dimension of wellness.  According to the JMU Wellness Passport Information Center homepage, an intellectually well person is described as seeking out, "intellectual development ...[and] creative, stimulating mental activities. An intellectually well person uses resources available to expand her/his knowledge in improved skills along with expanding potential for sharing with others. An intellectually well person uses the intellectual and cultural activities in the classroom and beyond with the human and learning resources available within the university community and the larger community".   While these events are required for the 1300-plus students of Health 100, they are also open to the whole JMU community. Librarian Rebecca Feind organized these events with the assistance of Health Sciences faculty member Deb Sutton to encourage incoming students to overcome library anxiety and avoid inappropriate reliance on public internet web sites. 

    Held in the Health and Human Services auditorium on Wednesday evenings in September and October, these events are attracting big crowds with an emphasis on active learning. Students are encouraged to ask for help with their specific research needs and prizes are given for participation.  In one notable presentation, librarian Rebecca Feind enlisted students to form a physical representation of a proper Boolean search string.

    Kathy Clarke's son Sam gears up to serve as a truncation symbol in the Passport session's human Boolean search string.

    Previous sessions have covered looking for scholarly research, learning to use the library’s online catalog LEO, working with Boolean logic, using subject headings for effective searching, and locating articles with research databases.  Upcoming sessions will cover the particulars of health and business information, proper citation, and research database secrets.  Scheduling information on these events is available on the Wellness Passport homepage

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