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Ralph Alberico ("Dean's Desk: Message to Faculty") is Dean of Libraries and Educational Technologies at James Madison University.

Jody Condit Fagan ("Integrating RefWorks and Blackboard") serves as Digital Services Librarian in Carrier Library, where she manages our growing number of databases, and is also liaison Librarian to the School of Communication Studies.

Johlene Hess (Jody) is a Reference Assistant and co-editor of the Knowledge Edge.

Jennifer Keach ("Libraries & Educational Technologies Redesigns Website") is Head of the Library's Digital Services and coordinated the the web redesign project.

Reba Leiding ("Get Your Head Around: RSS Feeds") is co-editor of the Knowledge Edge, as well as Reference Librarian, and Assistant to the Dean.

Julia Merkel ("Preparing for the Worst: Recovering Wet Materials"), Preservation Specialist, manages the Libraries' conservation projects.

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