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Library Starbucks Seeks LEED Certification

by Reba Leiding

Starbucks and JMU Dining Services are applying for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification on behalf of the new Starbucks café in Carrier Library.  Dining Services is seeking certification at the silver level, according to Angela Ritchie, Dining Services’ Marketing Manager, based on the use of recycled materials used in the café’s construction, as well as its ongoing recycling efforts.

Starbucks Mural
Workers applying the maple veneer mural to the cafe's exterior in Carrier lobby.

Carrier Library’s Starbucks has many uniquely sourced items in the store that all speak to the sustainable nature of the LEED certification.  Shannon White Hardin, Starbucks store design manager, provided this list of the café’s features.

Starbucks also will be soliciting artwork by JMU students, which will be an important element to the store’s design.  Obtaining local artwork is part of the LEED initiative, as well:  those items won’t add to the carbon footprint because no shipping will be involved in getting them to the site. Hardin has already seen some artwork she wants to use in the store: “One of my favorite pieces that I am interested in using is made of reclaimed elements and keeps with the tone of the store’s design, and other pieces use natural materials,” Hardin said. 

For more information on Starbucks LEED certification can be found on this DukeDog TV video.


Reba Leiding and Sara Williams, Editors

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