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Library Offers New Discovery Tools

by Lydia Dixon

These Resources are no longer being used after the redesign of the JMU Libraries website.

JMU Libraries’ Digital Services proudly presents two new content interfaces this month -- Quick Search , a search tool that searches several library resources simultaneously, and JMUfind, which offers a new way to search LEO the library catalog.  Links to access these new discovery tools are now available on the JMU Libraries’ home page. 

Library Web Page
This close-up of the library home page shows where you can find links to JMUFind (2 links) and to QuickSearch.

Many academic libraries are experimenting with similar technologies in order to help patrons navigate the breadth and depth of library resources, both electronic and physical.

Quick Search aims to provide access to top library resources by searching for:

Quick Search will also display a link to an appropriate Research Database, if one is detected.  Quick Search provides links to the first two results in each format category, then provides links to the entire results set for each format type.  You can find Quick Search on the library home page in the final tab of the peach “widget,” but its final location will be determined by usage information. If you get a chance to try it out, Digital Services is eager to hear your comments!

JMUfind is a new, easier way to search and browse JMU Library Catalog to find books, journals, and other items at JMU and online.  Features include:

JMUfind is accessible through links on the library home page widget box and Research Tools area.  Coming soon:  JMU Library Catalog will have a “Try JMUfind” tab and LEO search results will display a “Try Search in JMUfind” button link which will automatically re-run your search in JMUfind.  The two interfaces have different features: you may find that searches for some topics yield more useful results in LEO, while other searches may have more productive results in JMUfind. We encourage users to try both interfaces to the library catalog.  Please keep in mind that JMUfind is an experimental interface and that no final decisions have been made concerning its adoption. 

Digital Services will be gathering statistics on usage for both of these new interfaces and usability studies are planned for this fall.  Ongoing information about these projects is available on the Libraries' Staffweb. Questions?  Please contact Jody Fagan, Content Interfaces Librarian.

Numerous individuals have made these projects possible, including Bill Hartman, developer of Quick Search; Deb Fahrney and Titus Fox, data mavens for JMUFind; Judy Anderson and the Cataloging department Special thanks to the aforementioned members of Library Technical Services for their ongoing assistance with JMUfind.  Thanks also to Andreas Knab and the Center for Instructional Technology; the Discovery Interface Group; and the L&ET Management Council, and to the numerous additional L&ET staff members who have also contributed ongoing feedback and support!

Reba Leiding and Sara Williams, Editors

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