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  • Madison Exhibit on Display in Carrier Library

    Johlene Hess, Co-Editor  and Library Assistant

    In honor of James Madison's 250th Birthday, Carrier Library presented an exhibit of Madison artifacts from Special Collections in the lobby and hosted a special exhibition of items from the James Madison Museum in Orange, Va.  The President's Conference Room 109 was converted temporarily into an exhibit space.

    Among the items on loan was Madison's Campeachy chair, given to James Madison by Thomas Jefferson.  Made of Mexican mahogany and black leather, ca. 1800-1820, this armchair was from the drawing room at Montpelier and recalled to be Madison's favorite seat.  This was a type of chair popular among a small circle of leading Virginians.
    1/6 lifesize model for the Library of Congress,sculpture by Walker Hancock of James Madison sitting in a chair with a book on his knee.
    Dolley Madison
    Oil on canvas by T. Emile Dodamead
    Many students, faculty and staff viewed the exhibit.

    Other items displayed included Dolley Madison's black lace shawl, an elaborate crocheted baby cap by Dolley and James Madison's spectacles. 

    The James Madison Museum, in Orange, Virginia is closed for renovation until April 21, 2001.  If you missed the exhibit here, you can see these items and many more in the James Madison Museum collection at their reopening on April 23. 

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