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  • Carrier Sculpture Dedication

    Kathy Clarke and Johlene Hess

    On the afternoon of March 21 a ceremony was held to dedicate the sculpture busts of University Chancellor Ronald E. Carrier and his wife Edith.  The sculptures were gifts of Tudorel Balca, a Romanian businessman, who converted a government run metal factory to a private owned company that produces decorative sculpture.   The sculptures will be housed in the foyer of Carrier Library.   

    Mr. Balca's son, Rupen, attended JMU through an agreement with the university and the Romanian-American University in  Bucharest.  Rupen Balca earned an undergraduate and master of business administration degree from JMU and resides in Harrisonburg.  

    During the dedication, Ralph Alberico, President Linwood Rose, Mr. Balca, and Mrs. Carrier and Chancellor Carrier made remarks reflecting on the history of the building and the surrounding grounds. A reception followed the ceremony.  

    Rupen Balca and Edith and Ron Carrier

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