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    New Databases for Business
    by Kathy Clarke, Business Librarian

    Nearly two years ago, Libraries and Educational Technologies received federal funding through the US Small Business Administration to improve access to business information for JMU students and faculty and Shenandoah Valley business-owners.  As our work progresses on the grant project, we’re pleased to report on one aspect of improved access to quality information:  the addition of a significant number of research databases for business to our library collection.

    ABI Inform – This index and full-text source is widely recognized as “the” business database for access to articles from the scholarly business press and trade and industry journals.  This database easy to search and in most cases will lead the searcher to full text of the articles. 

    Bloomberg – We are in the process of acquiring this very sophisticated financial analysis tool.  It is typically used by financial advisors and planners and will be great resource for JMU’s Finance faculty.  Bloomberg is recognized as a highly valued source of qualified company and industry financial data.

    MergentOnline - This source provides financial information on public companies.  With this service our users can track trends in a given company over time, monitor financial issues related to specified industries and build spreadsheets for further analysis.

    Simmons/Choices III - The Simmons/Choices III service is a market researcher’s tool.  With this compact disk source, a user can find market survey data on a wide “choice” of criteria.  For instance, I can find out what age/gender/income group is the most likely to buy disposal diapers/SUVs/greeting cards.  I can measure what consumer group is most likely to watch a given television show or read a specific magazine.  Our Marketing students rely on this database to create targeted marketing plans.

    Hoover’s Online - This is a very popular source, judging from the requests we’ve gotten for it from our College of Business faculty and from reviews in the business press.  Hoover’s monitors publicly-traded companies; users can use the database to find upcoming IPOs, investigate public companies and track groups of companies by industry class. 

    EMarketer - This service tracks issues and trends related to marketing products in an e-commerce world.  EMarketer provides detailed in-house reports of the rapidly changing world of selling products on the internet. 

    ValueLine - The Library is in the process of purchasing this trusted source for information on public companies and markets; when added to our online database collection, this database will  replace our printed ValueLine service.  ValueLine has long been recognized in business information sources as a provider of quality information on publicly-traded companies. 

    If you need assistance with these or any other of the libraries database sources, please contact the business librarian, Kathy Clarke (clarkeke@jmu.edu) or use the Ask a Librarian form located on the JMU library web at /reference/ask.asp

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