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Gerald Gill ("Sophomore Wins iPod in Library Survey ") is Head of Reference in Carrier Library, and coordinates JMU Libraries' participation in the LibQual survey.

Daille Pettit ("Filling the Gaps: Retrospective Ordering") serves as Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian.

Jody Hess is a Reference Assistant and co-editor of the Knowledge Edge.  She also has responsibility for exhibits and displays in Carrier Library.

Reba Leiding ("Clickers in the Library Classroom ") is co-editor of the Knowledge Edge, as well as Reference Librarian, and Assistant to the Dean.

John McGehee ("Jennifer McCabe: University Star") is the CISAT Librarian.

Grover Saunders ("CIT Launches On Demand Workshops") is Media Training Coordinator in the Center for Instructional Technology.

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