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CIT Launches On Demand Workshops

by Grover Saunders

personal instruction at computer screen

Starting this summer, the Center for Instructional Technology plans to break free from it's regular schedule to bring you exactly the workshop you were hoping would come along.


As part of it's mission to provide direction, focus, visibility and  proactive support for technological innovation in instruction, the Center for Instructional Technology has traditionally hosted a series of workshops on a wide variety of topics from improving your PowerPoint presentations to incorporating audio and video into an online class. Now we are tailoring our efforts to bring workshops to individuals or interested groups.

On Demand workshops are workshops that come to you, both in location and topic. All of the regularly available workshops such as Digital Photography on the Cheap: Free Digital Photography Tools and Blogs and Wikis: Create Learning Communities can come directly to your office, either for a one-on-one session or for a small group of like-minded colleagues.  On Demand workshops are also your chance to have CIT support for a much broader array of subjects too numerous to list. In other words, if you think there's some way that your department or organization can use technology, give us a call! We want to talk to you and help you make the best use of technology you possibly can.

The best way to see what CIT currently offers can be found on our Training web page,
where you can also find forms to request a customized workshop or a one-on-one house call. You can also give us a call at 8-7061 or email us a cit@jmu.edu.


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