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Thank You to our 2006 Donors
by Reba Leiding


JMU Libraries would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous donors for their support in 2006.


Through collaboration with the university’s Office of Development, JMU Libraries are starting to see substantial growth in donations received.  The libraries received over $35,700 during the 2006 calendar year through the generosity of approximately 90 donors.  This was a large jump over the previous year when our current fundraising initiative was beginning, and is due to efforts on a number of fronts.  In the area of major gifts, the libraries have a close working relationship with Development Officers in the university’s Development office, including Karen Guntharp, Director of Development for the Libraries and the College of Science and Mathematics.  In addition, the Library is one of the options for the Madison Fund, JMUs annual giving program, which donors can designate for their gift.


Most of our donors, nearly 80 percent, are JMU alumni, and seven of these alums are parents of JMU students as well.  Seven of our donors are current JMU employees and additional four are retired from JMU.


Below is the Honor Roll of Donors for 2006.  Many thanks to all our donors for your commitment to JMU Libraries.


$1,000 and above:

Ralph A. Alberico

Ronald E. Carrier

Meredith S. Gunter

Susan G. Phillips

Charles F. Sweeny

Mary W. Thrasher


Up to $999

Dina Y. Abell

Edith E. Ashworth

Anne S. Barber

Karen S. Barney

Jane L. Bosley

Judith K. Breeden

Patricia P. Clark

Jeffrey C. Clark

Mary R. Clever

C. Wailes  Darby

Jean Allen  Davis

Carolyn M. Davis

Daniel C. DeSimone

Elizabeth Preston Doyle

Karen  Flint

Stephanie T. Ford

Mary M. Froehlich

Frances S. Garrison

Sharon S. Gasser

Nancy L. Gibbs

Mary Evelyn W. Gibert

Virginia E. Graves

Alma C. Hale-Cooper

Patricia  Hardesty

Leigh A. Hardy

Cynthia S. Hayes

Beverly H. Head

Meredith G. Henry

Karen B. Hermann

Robert R. Hevener

Charles S. Horn

Betty Lou Huffman

William H. Ingham

Kevin C. Johnson

Sarah T. Kadec

Margaret R. Kessel

Wanda S. Kruse

Jaclyn M. Lasek


Eulah L. Legg

Reba M. Leiding

Clydette G. Lobred

Pauline C. Long

Carolyn Rae Maddox

Nancy B. Mammano

Susan J. Matthews

Sandra L. Maxfield

John S. McGehee

Katherine P. Meredith

Gordon W. Miller

Dwight E. Miller

Claudia J. Moore

Brian T. Moore

Paula H. Newman

Darlene L. Newman

Margaret M. Newman

Janet M. Norwinski

Marvin L. Osborne

Janyce M. Pfoutz

Elizabeth W. Phelan

Christopher N. Pipkins

Patrick R. Reynolds

Susan B. Riley

Christopher T. Sands

Henry J. Schiefer

Margaret E. Scott

Dorothy C. Shaw

Jared E. Shenk

Tellis D. Sigros

Ronald Lee Snyder, Jr.

Penney M. Steen

Edward T. Stever, Jr.

Catherine H. Talman

Brig. Gen. Philip A. Tennant

Ann C. Thomas

Jayne P. Thomas

Juliet L. Tisdale

William D. Voit

Linda A. Vretos

H. Gayle S. Walters

Katharine E. Webster

Martha E. Whalen

Mary L. Whitley

Jeffrey J. Winegar

Doris M. Winn

Heidi Lynne S. Woods

Vincent  Zinicola


For more information about giving to JMU, including a way to give online to JMU Libraries, visit http://www.jmu.edu/give/.


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