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Library Opens its Doors for Emeriti Faculty Reception
by Reba Leiding

President Rose speaking at Emeriti Reception
President Rose speaking at the Emeriti faculty reception outside the 1939 entrance to Carrier Library.

Carrier Library was the location for the Emeriti Faculty Reception hosted by JMU’s Advancement Office on Wednesday, March 12 in Carrier Library.  The event was a formal commemoration of the Emeriti Brick Plaza outside Carrier Library’s original entrance.  Approximately 150 Emeriti faculty attended the dedication ceremony.  Opening remarks were made by President Linwood Rose, JoAnne Carr, Senior Vice President of University Advancement, and Nancy O’Hare, President of the JMU Emeriti Association.  Following the brief ceremony, the guests streamed into Carrier Library for a sumptuous buffet laid out on the large reading rooms tables just inside the entrance.

Emeriti Faculty Reception
Over 150 Emeriti faculty attended the catered reception in the original lobby of Carrier Library.


Several emeriti faculty from the library were in attendance, including former library director Barbara Miller, former cataloging librarian Anna Ruth Perry, and former History Librarian Gordon Miller.


The plaza outside Carrier Library and Burruss Hall was created a couple of years ago as part of the renovations at the top of the Quad.  Balancing the landscaped area surrounding the statue of James Madison near Varner House at the opposite end of the walkway, the plaza features a low brick wall around its circular perimeter and around a central raised landscape bed.  The plaza is paved in brick, with commemorative bricks for individual emeriti faculty around the exterior.  Plaza bricks are replaced with commemorative ones as faculty emeriti are added.

Emeriti Faculty entering Carrier Library
Emeriti faculty entering Carrier Library for catered reception.



On a personal note, perhaps the most exciting part of the reception was seeing the crowd of attendees enter through the doors of the original 1939 entrance.  Several of the attendees noted that this was the entrance they used when they were working at JMU, and it brought a special note of nostalgia to the occasion.

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