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Thank You to our 2008 Donors

by Ralph Alberico

East Campus LibraryWe take this opportunity with the Knowledge Edge's first issue of 2009 to recognize those who have donated to JMU Libraries in the previous year. During the 2008 calendar year we received over $27,000 through the generosity of more than 100 donors. A number are repeat donors from past years, and a growing number are JMU employees. During these uncertain times, donations from our many friends have become an increasingly important source of revenue needed to sustain our programs, Centenniel Fountainservices and collections. The continuing success of the Libraries’ fund raising effort is due to our collaboration with the university’s Office of Development. In the area of major gifts, the libraries have a close working relationship with Development Officers in the university’s Development office, including Karen Guntharp, Director of Development for the Libraries and the College of Science and Mathematics. In addition, the Library is one of the options for the Madison Fund, JMUs annual giving program, which donors can designate for their gift.


The Honor Roll of Donors for 2008 is listed below.  Many thanks to all our donors for your commitment to JMU Libraries.


$1,000 and above

Mr. Ralph A. & Mrs. Jane Alberico

LCDR Keith A. & Mrs. Laura F. Overstreet

Dr. Charles W. & Mrs. Susan G. Phillips

Mr. Henry J. & Mrs. Dolores A. Schiefer

Mr. Charles F. & Mrs. Terri T. Sweeny

Mr. Thomas E. & Mrs. Lori L. Uglietta

Up to $999

Ms. Marcia A. Apperson

Dr. Thomas F. & Mrs. Janice C. Armstrong

Mrs. Ailene A. Bartlett

Mr. Michael R. & Mrs. Kate M. Beck

Mr. William H. & Mrs. Jane L. Bosley

Mr. James W. & Mrs. Judith K. Breeden

Mr. James H. & Mrs. Patricia K. Buzby

Mr. Philip & Mrs. Ann Cardace

Mrs. Mary Ann S. Chappell

Mr. Jeffrey C. Clark

Mrs. Annalee B. Coffman

Mr. Paul H. & Mrs. Brenda G. Conaway

Mr. Richard D. & Mrs. Julie A. Crawford

Mr. Charles G. & Mrs. Betty J. Crockett

Ms. C. Wailes Darby

Mr. Daniel C. DeSimone & Mrs. Helen I. Dooley

Ms. Sara B. Dinwoodie

Mr. Durbin P. & Mrs. Michelle Donahue

Mr. Edwin T. & Mrs. Stephanie B. Douglas

Mr. Joseph T. & Mrs. Elizabeth P. Doyle

Mr. Robert M. & Mrs. Ann R. Drewry

Mr. Carl J. & Mrs. Judith C. Estes

Mr. Daniel G. & Mrs. Virginia H. Flynn

Mr. Rhett B. & Mrs. Bonnie H. Franklin

Mr. Eugene E. & Mrs. Mary M. Froehlich

Mr. Kenton F. Gambill

Ms. Katherine E. Gardner

Mr. David & Mrs. Frances S. Garrison

Mr. Harvey L. & Ms. Sharon S. Gasser

Mr. James J. & Mrs. Patricia Geary

Mrs. Nancy L. Gibbs

Mrs. Mary Evelyn W. Gibert

Mr. Jason J. & Mrs. Rebecca L. Gizzarelli

Mr. Robert J. & Mrs. Marsha D. Gordon

Mr. George A. & Mrs. Virginia G. Hanlon

Mr. Von & Ms. Patricia Hardesty

Mr. Dale Hunter & Ms. Tracy S. Harter

Mr. James M. & Mrs. Meredith G. Henry

Mr. Bruce D. & Mrs. Karen B. Hermann

Mr. Glen H. & Mrs. Nancy H. Hetzel

Mr. Robert R. Hevener

Miss Phyllis A. Hockman

Mr. Kyle & Ms. Colleen N. Houghton

Ms. Diane Hunter

Dr. William H. & Mrs. Linda Ingham

Mr. Rick & Mrs. Lynn R. Johnson

Mr. Lyndon & Ms. Pamela S. Johnson

Mr. Michael J. & Mrs. Elizabeth B. Kelley

Mrs. Lucia Z. Kilby

Mr. Eric Gremmen & Ms. Diane Kopasz

Mrs. Eulah L. Legg

Mrs. Reba M. Leiding

Mr. Thomas L. & Mrs. Clydette G. Lobred

Mrs. Carolyn R. Maddox

Ms. Meris A. Mandernach

Ms. Susan J. Matthews

Mr. John D. & Ms. Sandra L. Maxfield

Mr. Oscar L. & Mrs. Ruby C. Mayes

Mr. Stephen P. & Mrs. Karen M. McDonnell

COL Richard & Mrs. Jill McNealy

Mr. Michael Williams & Ms. Julia M. Merkel

Mr. Dwight E. & Mrs. Barbara S. Miller

Mr. Gordon W. & Mrs. Gail B. Miller

Ms. Leona A. Miller

Ms. Claudia J. Moore

Ms. Jill A. Mossman

Mr. Charles & Mrs. Brenda B. Nester

Ms. Darlene L. Newman

Ms. Sheila Martell Newman

Ms. Angela R. Norcross

Mr. Frank A. & Mrs. Marie M. Norcross

Mr. Eugene E. & Mrs. Janet M. Norwinski

Mr. Christopher N. Pipkins

Mr. John S. McGehee & Ms. Sandra L. Quigg

Mr. Edward A. & Mrs. Rory W. Quint

Mr. Derek M. & Ms. Kelly R. Richey

Mr. Kevin S. & Mrs. Susan B. Riley

Mr. Charles L. Robinson

Mr. Douglas S. Rowdon

Ms. Margaret E. Scott

Miss Dorothy C. Shaw

Mr. Rodney M. & Mrs. Rebecah S. Shepherd

Mr. Tellis D. Sigros

Mr. Gregory M. & Ms. Elizabeth A. Slang

Mr. Chad M. & Mrs. MaryLee V. Smith

Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Penney M. Steen

Miss Catherine H. Talman

Mr. Raymond L. & Mrs. Ann C. Thomas

Mr. James R. & Mrs. Sarah M. Thrash

Mr. David M. & Mrs. Pamela E. Tinsley

Ms. Juliet L. Tisdale

Ms. Jill Wadsworth

Mr. Kevin M. & Mrs. H. Gayle S. Walters

Ms. Courtney L. Walton

Mr. Matthew A. Whipkey

Mr. John & Mrs. Deborah C. Wine

Mrs. Doris M. Winn

Mr. John V. & Ms. Ellen W. Zebatto

Mr. Conrad C. & Mrs. Sara R. Zeglin




Reba Leiding and Johlene Hess, Editors

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