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Volume 9 Issue 4 Spring 2009(2)

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Robert Barrett ("Circulation Student Employee is a Winner") is Public Services Desk/Delivery Coordinator in Carrier Library.

Jeff Clark ("Beyond Hollywood: Mexican Movie Posters") is Assistant Dean for Media Resources and Classroom Technology.

Claire Clemens ("Collective Graphic Novels and Comic Books") is the Education Librarian.

Jody Condit Fagan ("Collective Graphic Novels and Comic Books") is Content Interfaces Coordinator and Liaison Librarian to Communication Studies.

Elizabeth Haworth ("Library Showcases Poetry Broadsides")is the Director of Public Services, Carrier Library.  She joined JMU Libraries this April.

Reba Leiding ("Editor's Note: Changes Coming to Carrier Library") is Assistant to the Dean of JMU Libraries & Educataional Technologies, a reference librarian, and editor of the Knowledge Edge.

Julia Merkel ("Dressing for Education in Carrier Library") is JMU Libraries' Preservation Specialist.


Reba Leiding and Johlene Hess, Editors

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