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Thanks to our 2009 Donors

by Ralph Alberico

Ralph Alberico
Dean Ralph Alberico

This is the first issue of JMU Libraries' Knowledge Edge in the new decade, and a fitting time and place to recognize those who have donated to JMU Libraries in the previous year. In the past year we received over $23,000 through the generosity of nearly 100 donors. Difficult economic times affect individuals as well as libraries, and as might be expected, annual donations decreased somewhat.  Yet the number of larger gifts to the libraries actually increased, and we continue to receive regular donations from a growing number of JMU employees, many of whom donate through payroll deductions.

Carrier Library

As I mentioned, the past few years have difficult ones for academic libraries, and for higher education in general.  Through planning and good stewardship, we in JMU Libraries are positioned to develop the collections needed for our students and faculty, and to offer the programs and services that make our libraries welcoming places for study and collaboration.

During these uncertain times, donations from our many friends have become an increasingly important source of revenue needed to sustain our programs, services and collections. Donations are used to help support the Browsing collections of popular fiction and non-fiction books located in both Carrier and East Campus Libraries.  This year, funds also help support the renovation of Carrier Library’s Learning Commons.

In 2009 we were able to add a Starbucks café in Carrier Library, thanks to the support of Aramark Food Services, who provided funds to reconfigure the lobby area, relocate computer connections, and to purchase casual seating furniture for the Learning Commons area.  As a result of changes made possible by our donors and partners, Carrier Library is an even more popular destination for students and faculty: traffic in the library and book circulation both have increased.

ECL at nightThe continuing success of the Libraries’ fund raising effort is due to our collaboration with the university’s Office of Development. In the area of major gifts, the libraries have a close working relationship with Development Officers in the university’s Development office, including Karen Wheatley, Director of Development for the Libraries. In addition, the Library is one of the options for the Madison Fund, JMUs annual giving program, which donors can designate for their gift.


The Honor Roll of Donors for 2009 is listed below.  Many thanks to all our donors for your support of JMU Libraries.

Mr. F. C. & Mrs. Dina Y. Abell
Mr. Ralph A. & Mrs. Jane Alberico
Dr. Thomas F. & Mrs. Janice F. Armstrong
Mr. Richard M. & Mrs. Sarah F. Bingman
Mrs. Patricia G. Biondi
Mr. Vincent Mammano & Mrs. Nancy B. Blessing Mammano
Mrs. Nancy D. Breeding
Mr. Steven Caisse & Mrs. Kimberly D. Brothers-Caisse
Ms. Louise F. Bucco
Ms. Jamesly E. Chapman
Mrs. Mary Ann S. Chappell
Ms. Sarah E. Cheverton
Mr. Jeffrey C. Clark
Ms. Jean Allen Davis
Mr. Edwin T. & Mrs. Stephanie B. Douglas
Mr. Jim & Mrs. Holly J. Drougas
Mr. John W. & Mrs. Jean R. Dunn
Dr. Edward Huffstetler & Dr. Catherine L. Elick
Mr. David B. & Mrs. Phyllis C. Ervin
Mr. Robley J. & Mrs. Justine H. Fletcher
Mr. Eugene E. & Mrs. Mary M. Froehlich
Mr. David & Mrs. Frances S. Garrison
Mr. Harvey L. & Ms. Sharon S. Gasser
Mr. James J. & Mrs. Patricia . Geary
Mr. Robert . & Mrs. Nancy L. Gibbs
Mr. Stephen A. & Mrs. Renee B. Gould
Dr. Bradley & Dr. Meredith S. Gunter
Mr. Von . & Ms. Patricia Hardesty
Mr. Dale Harter & Ms. Tracy S. Harter
Mrs. Beverly H. Head
Dr. Laura Henigman
Mr. Robert R. Hevener
Mr. Charles M. & Mrs. Wendy E. Hicks
Mr. Thomas B. & Mrs. Maura K. Higginbotham
Ms. Deborah A. Huddle
Dr. William H. & Mrs. Linda Ingham
Ms. Sharon S. Karibian
Mr. Michael J. & Mrs. Elizabeth B. Kelley
Ms. Jessica R. Killeen
Mr. Robert C. & Mrs. Willa C. Kiser
Dr. Hak-Seon Lee
Mrs. Reba M. Leiding
Ms. Kimberly K. Leonard
Mrs. Inez W. Lewis
Mr. Thomas L. & Mrs. Clydette G. Lobred
Mrs. Pauline C. Long
Mr. John & Mrs. Lynn R. Martin
Ms. Susan J. Matthews
Mr. John D. & Ms. Sandra L. Maxfield
Mr. Stephen P. & Mrs. Karen M. McDonnell
Mr. John C. McGrath
Mr. Robert C. & Mrs. Barbara McMahan
Mr. Gerard & Mrs. Barbara S. Mendel
Mr. James R. & Mrs. Katherine P. Meredith
Mr. Michael Williams & Ms. Julia M. Merkel
Mr. William F. Michie
Mr. Dwight E. Miller
Mr. Gordon W. & Mrs. Gail B. Miller
Ms. Claudia J. Moore
Mr. John P. and Mrs. Dawn L. Morris
Mr. Matthew B. & Mrs. Nancy L. Myers
Mr. Richard H. Nam
Mrs. Brenda. B. Nester
Mr. Tien D. Nguyen
Mr. Eugene E. & Mrs. Janet M. Norwinski
LCDR Keith A. & Mrs. Laura F. Overstreet
Dr. Charles W. & Mrs. Susan G. Phillips
Mr. John S. McGehee & Ms. Sandra L. Quigg
Mr. Derek M. & Ms. Kelly R. Richey
Mr. Robert W. Saady
Mr. Henry J. & Mrs. Dolores A. Schiefer
Ms. Margaret E. Scott
Mr. Paul M. & Mrs. Dorothy M. Shea
Mr. Steven W. & Mrs. Janet L. Smith
Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Penney M. Steen
Mr. Charles F. & Mrs. Terri T. Sweeny
Ms. Diane B. Tennant
Mr. Raymond L. & Mrs. Ann C. Thomas
Mr. Paul M. & Mrs. Davis Thompson
Ms. Estate of Mrs. Mary W. Thrasher
Ms. Juliet L. Tisdale
Mr. Noble E. & Mrs. Carole F. Tripp
Mr. Thomas E. & Mrs. Lori L. Uglietta
Miss Antoinette Verduce
Mr. Keister L. & Mrs. Sarah M. Walker
Mr. Kevin M. & Mrs. H. Gayle S. Walters
Mr. Frank R. & Mrs. Martha E. Whalen
Mr. Jack L. & Mrs. Mary L. Whitley
Mr. Edward F. & Mrs. Elizabeth M. Wilsey
Mr. James & Mrs. Nancy S. Winn
Mr. Daniel & Ms. Karen Zaharevitz
Mr. John V. & Ms. Ellen W. Zebatto



Reba Leiding, Editor

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