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Cataloger, Cataloging Team Win JMU Awards

by Reba Leiding

JMU Libraries' Catalog Librarian Judy Anderson and the Libraries' Cataloging Team were recognized for their work at the 2010 Employee Service Awards Luncheon, held on Wednesday, March 24.

Judy Anderson with President Rose
Judy Anderson receiving her Career Achievement Award from President Linwood Rose.

Judy Anderson received the Madison Award for Career Achievement for her years of work on LEO the library catalog.  As stated in the nominating essay, portions of which JMU Human Resources Director Yohna Chambers read at the awards ceremony, Judy’s work "touches the research and scholarship of literally hundreds of JMU students and faculty every day."

JMU Libraries’ Cataloging Team received the Madison Award for Teamwork. The team, which includes Judy Anderson, Joan Bowlen, Glenn Huffman, Darlene Newman, Mark Purington, Debra Ryman and Cindi Sandridge were recognized for their complex work in cataloging JMU theses and dissertations, manuscripts and artifacts in Special Collections, new formats like e-books, and streaming audio and video collections.  As their nomination essay pointed out, "JMU Libraries purchases over $3 million worth of library materials annually, and their work ensures that those materials can be located, accessed, and used by student and faculty researchers."

Cataloging Team with President Rose
The Cataloging team with President Rose.

In a message to L&ET faculty and staff, Dean Ralph Alberico noted: “The excellent work that it takes to build and maintain a catalog that covers just about every imaginable format and intellectual work serves as the foundation for a legacy that benefits current and future generations of students, faculty, scholars and researchers… I wish I could claim credit for the fine work, dedication, and commitment that makes our organization so exceptional.  As it is, all I can do is bask in the reflected glory and thank my lucky stars for having such an outstanding crew.”

Judy Anderson has served as Cataloging Librarian for 12 years, and has been a librarian at JMU for over 25 years. Judy started at JMU as the first Music Librarian, and became a catalog librarian in Carrier in 1984. She is retiring from JMU Libraries this June.

Cataloging Team at Awards Lunch
Standing: Deborah Ryman, cataloging supporter Reba Leiding, and Darlene Newman. Seated: Cindi Sandridge, Joan Bowlen, Glenn Huffman, Mark Purington, and Judy Anderson.

Glenn Huffman, part-time Library Specialist, has worked in Cataloging for six years.  Darlene Newman, Senior Cataloger, worked in JMU Libraries for 42 years; she recently retired from Cataloging after working there for 16 years.  Mark Purington, Senior Cataloger, has worked in JMU Libraries’ Technical Services for ten years, with the last five years in Cataloging.  Debra Ryman, Library Specialist, has been employed at the Libraries for 33 years: 26 in Interlibrary Loan, and the past seven in Cataloging; she is also retiring later this year.  Cindi Sandridge, Library Specialist, has worked in Libraries’ Technical Services for seven years, and in Cataloging for the past two years.  Joan Bowlen, part-time Library Specialist, is the newest member of the Cataloging team, beginning work with them in 2009.

As Dean Alberico suggested in his message, “The next time you see one of these folks, be sure to thank them on behalf of all of us.” 


Reba Leiding, Editor

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