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Volume 10, Issue 3, Spring 2010(2)

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Ralph Alberico ("Learning, Remembering, Connecting: Tribute to our Retiring Colleagues") is Dean of JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies.

The ECL Book Display Group ("Increasing Book Circulation with Displays") includes Library Assistants Kara Kiblinger and Rita McCandless; Kelly Giles, Applied Science Librarian; D. Yvonne Jones, Science Librarian; and Jenne McCabe, Assistant Director of East Campus Library Services.

D. Yvonne Jones, Science Librarian, also contributed the article "Promoting Faculty Publications."

Reba Leiding ("Cataloger, Cataloging Team Win JMU Awards") is a Reference Librarian; she has served as editor of the Knowledge Edge since 2002.

Sheila Newman (" Documenting Shenandoah Mountain") is a Library Specialist in Carrier Library Public Services.

Reba Leiding, Editor

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