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Great Day for Library Book Sale
by Reba Leiding

Library Book Sale 2007
Book carts line the sun-dappled walkway outside Carrier Library for the annual book sale held on Family Weekend, Saturday, September 29, 2007.

The glorious fall weather brought out a large number of book lovers for the Friends of Carrier Library Book Sale, held on September 29 during Family Weekend 2007.  Book carts lined the walkway in front of Carrier Library, allowing students and visitors to enjoy the sunny weather while browsing. The combination of large crowds and an increased number of books books for sale meant the Library had one of the most successful book sales ever.


Because University regulations for selling withdrawn books were revised this year, the book sale was able to offer a large number of science books that had been weeded from the library collection in preparation for the relocation of the science collections to the new East Campus Library in 2008.  Donated popular fiction and non-fiction books also remained in big demand for the sale, along with donated scholarly works from several professors in the humanities and social sciences. Book Sale 2007 crowds  

Many thanks to all those individuals who donated books for the sale, as well as to all the library staff who volunteered their time and efforts for the book sale.


Preparations are already under way for next year’s sale.  We are able to accept book donations throughout the year, so keep in mind that you can help support JMU Libraries by recycling your fall and winter reading with us.  For more information on donating books, or other ways you can support JMU Libraries, contact Reba Leiding  at 568-6779 or leidinrm@jmu.edu.


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