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Thank You to Our 2007 Donors
by Reba Leiding

2008 will be an exciting one for those of us involved with JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies as we open a new library facility on East Campus that will complement our ongoing library efforts in Carrier Library and the Music Library.  But we also wish to look back on 2007 and take this opportunity to thank our generous donors for their support in the past year.


JMU Libraries continues to see growth in the number of donors.  The libraries received about $30,000 during the 2007 calendar year through the generosity of approximately 120 donors.  Our growing donor base is due to our collaboration with the university’s Office of Development.  In the area of major gifts, the libraries have a close working relationship with Development Officers in the university’s Development office, including Karen Guntharp, Director of Development for the Libraries and the College of Science and Mathematics.  In addition, the Library is one of the options for the Madison Fund, JMUs annual giving program, which donors can designate for their gift.


The Honor Roll of Donors for 2007 is listed below.  Many thanks to all our donors for your commitment to JMU Libraries.


$1,000 and above:

Ralph A. and Jane Alberico

James H. ('85) and Crispina Boice

Ronald E. and Edith J. Carrier

Eldon T. and Nancy Fravel Deskins ('52)

Shelley Allen Leader ('75)

Frank A. and Marie M. Norcross

Dr. Charles W. and Mrs. Susan G. Phillips ('77)

Charles F. ('77) and Terri Tarlton Sweeny ('77)

Paul M. ('80) and Davis Thompson

F. C. and Dina Young Abell ('63)


Up to $999:

Ailene Zirkle Bartlett ('57)

Charles E. and Janice Lourie Bates ('92)

Patricia Griffith Biondi ('50)

William H. and Jane Linthicum Bosley ('67)

James and Judith Keller Breeden ('69)

Nancy Dalton Breeding ('74)

David M. ('87) and Kathleen Bristowe

Mary Ann Scott Chappell ('74)

Georgia Christie ('68)

Thomas R. Clark III and Bonnie Reinmuth Clark ('74)

Jeffrey C. Clark

G. W. and Patricia Pumphrey Clark ('46)

Paul H. and Brenda Green Conaway ('71)

Andrew W. ('92) and Pamela J. Copes

Jean Allen Davis ('78)

Shane B. Davis ('04) and Lori C. Dayton

Frank S. ('92) and Josephine R. DeRonja

Daniel C. DeSimone ('97) and Helen I. Dooley

Edwin T. and Stephanie Balarzs Douglas ('92)

Joseph T. and Elizabeth Preston Doyle ('50)

Glada Jarvis Dunnavant ('46)

Edward Huffstetler and Catherine L. Elick ('75)

Timothy E. ('83) and Elizabeth Kennedy Ernst ('83)

Carl J. and Judith Clay Estes ('67)

Thomas F. Armstrong and Janice Clinedinst Fennell-Armstrong ('62)

Rhett B. ('90) and Bonnie Heer Franklin ('90)

Jerome J. and Marilyn A. Friga ('77)

Eugene E. and Mary Miller Froehlich ('68)

Kenton F. Gambill ('50)

Harvey L. and Sharon S. Gasser

James J. ('85) and Patricia Geary

Gary L. ('84) and Pamela J. Geiger

Nancy Lane Gibbs ('63)

Robert J. and Marsha Douglas Gordon ('74)

Richard W. and Virginia Eason Graves ('50)

Philip C. and Diana Noia Haines ('75)

George A. and Virginia Temple Hanlon ('51)

Von and Patricia Hardesty

John and Barbara Saville Harmon ('69)

Dale Hunter and Tracy S. Harter

Peter M. and Robin Terry Haupt ('85)

Beverly Herndon Head ('77)

Marlene H. Hersh ('83)

Glen and Nancy Hitch Hetzel ('64)

Robert R. Hevener ('77)

Joseph S. ('89) and Stacy Hopkins

David B. and Judy Neikirk Howard ('65)

John W. and Kathleen Gregory Hutton ('87)

William H. and Linda Ingham

Timothy S. ('82) and Gail Jameson

Kevin C. ('89) and Carol Johnson
Mark M. and Sarah T. Kadec ('52)

Michael J. and Elizabeth Beveridge Kelley ('73)

John P. Killeen and Marie Steinmetz

Eulah Layton Legg ('51)

Reba M. Leiding

Steven E. and Judith Bowers Lightner ('63)

Thomas L. and Clydette Griffith Lobred ('64)


Pauline Cassell Long ('52)

Luke J. and Martha M. Malloy
Vincent and Nancy Blessing Mammano ('88)

Rebecca Bailey Marcus ('74)

John and Lynn Richardson Martin ('77)

John D. ('01) and Sandra L. Maxfield ('03)

Robert E. and Erin McIlmoyle Maxwell ('88)

John S. McGehee and Sandra L. Quigg

Richard and Jill McNealy

Gerard and Barbara Sherman Mendel ('68)

Michael Williams and Julia M. Merkel ('92)

Gordon W. and Gail B. Miller

Brian T. Moore ('93) and Karen C. Adkins

Claudia J. Moore ('72)

Mary L. Mulholland ('66)

John D. and Cynthia Deane Munchmeyer ('97)

Mary Evelyn Neville ('60)

Douglas G. and Paula Hansel Newman ('77)

Eugene E. and Janet M. Norwinski ('91)

Marvin L. ('82) and Deborah Tibbetts Osborne ('75)

Matthew J. and Elizabeth Williams Phelan ('49)

Christopher N. Pipkins ('97)

Barbara Hawkins Reilley ('57)

Scott M. and Laura Mizeras Renshaw ('93)

Keith and Susan Bishop Robertson ('83)

Christopher B. Rowe ('85)

John E. and Joan Thompson Sayers ('72)

Henry J. and Dolores A. Schiefer ('89)

Thomas F. Schmutz ('77)

Margaret E. Scott ('76)

J. K. and Jane M. Seegar

John Sellers and Monica Bonnett Sellars ('00)

Dorothy C. Shaw ('62)

Paul M. and Dorothy McDermott Shea ('76)

Michael I. ('78) and Joy K. Shoop

Tellis D. Sigros ('92)

Margaret Isner Simpson ('57)

Gordon L. and Betty Kirkpatrick Smith ('58)

Steven W. and Janet Lillard Smith ('81)

Bruce and Penney Marsh Steen ('69)

Barry A. ('84) and Lynda Strohl

Catherine H. Talman ('72)

Raymond L. and Ann Cox Thomas ('69)

Jayne Pierce Thomas ('51)

James R. and Sarah McAllister Thrash ('55)

Noble E. and Carole Fowlkes Tripp ('57)

Peter C. ('79) and Sharon R. Tropf

Jill Wadsworth ('81)

Kevin M. and H. Gayle Stanley Walters ('67)

Kelly P. Ward ('93)

Charles E. ('93) and Kathy Shepley Warden ('92)

Daniel E. Weiss ('96)

Jack L. and Mary Grimes Whitley ('74)

Claire M. Williams ('00)

Doris Meadows Winn ('73)

Vincent Zinicola

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