Subject Collection Development Guidelines


The Health Sciences Collection Development Policy identifies and communicates the collection goals of JMU Libraries to support the academic needs of James Madison University’s Department of Health Sciences. The health sciences collection facilitates instruction and research across the following programs:


  • Athletic Training Education Program
  • Dietetics
  • Health Assessment & Promotion
  • Health Services Administration
  • Health Studies
  • Public Health
  • Minors


  • MBA: Health Services Administration Track
  • Dietetics
  • Interdisciplinary Program in Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physician Assistant

Taking into consideration the department's core curriculum and goals, the health sciences collection is developed in accordance with the evolving undergraduate and graduate programs and research interests of health sciences students, faculty and staff. See Department of Health Sciences mission -

Acquisitions and collection management of health sciences materials supports JMU Libraries’ university-wide mission of fostering environments that allow users to connect with ideas and information.

Subject Coverage

The JMU Libraries health sciences collection primarily falls under the Library of Congress class R. Additional holdings fall in classes TX (Nutrition and Home Economics).

Class R -- Medicine

Subclasses include General Medicine, Public aspects of medicine, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Therapeutics/Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Material Medica, Botanic/Thomsonian/Eclectic, and Homeopathy.


Types of Materials

  • Scholarly and professional monographs
  • Reference materials
  • Scholarly journals
  • U.S. government documents
  • Statistical data sets
  • Electronic databases
  • Tests and Measurements


Materials are considered for their subject, curriculum relevance, authoritativeness, currency, and price. User requests and appropriateness for the entire collection are also key criteria for consideration.

  • Primary emphasis is on current materials.
  • Primary formats are print and electronic. Other formats are purchased selectively to support the business curriculum. When deciding between print and electronic resource of comparable scope and information type, preference is given for electronic materials that facilitate accessibility. Electronic formats are notably favorable among business reference resources and periodical collections.
  • Materials are acquired primarily from the United States.
  • English-language materials are purchased almost exclusively.


The responsibility of acquiring and managing health sciences collections primarily resides with the liaison librarian for the Department of Health Sciences faculty. Collection management activities are monitored and administered by JMU Libraries' Collection Development Committee, with expenditures authorized by the Dean of Libraries and Educational Technologies.

Updated June 26, 2012 by Carolyn Schubert.


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