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Gifts Information for Donors


As a means of enriching the library collections, the James Madison University libraries welcome gifts that add to value and depth to the libraries’ collections and support the instructional and research programs of JMU.  Gifts of money, books and other research materials can be used to develop the libraries’ collections.  Small gifts are appreciated, as well as larger contributions, endowments, and bequests.  For larger monetary gifts or “gifts in kind” of significant monetary value, contact the JMU Development Office.  For questions concerning gifts of books and research materials, please contact the Special Collections Librarian, 540-568-3612 or 540-568-7040; if you are affiliated with a department at James Madison University, please contact your library liaison.


Those interested in donating books and research materials are asked to provide a list of those materials. The library will provide a written acknowledgment receipt of all gifts.  Donors interested in an appraisal of gift items are advised that this is the responsibility of the donor, and that appraisals should be made before gifts are transferred to JMU Libraries to establish their fair market value. The library does not provide estimates of cost or value for gifts.  For a list of rare book appraisers, see the Library’s Special Collections web page. 


Gifts will be evaluated for appropriateness for our collections based on the Library’s Collection Development Policy. The library retains the right to determine their retention, use, and location. 

Here are some further considerations for donating books and other materials:


Thank you for your interest in JMU Libraries.

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