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You may answer as many of the following questions as you would like:

Comment on the APPROPRIATENESS of the database (Is the coverage and currency adequate? Is the database appropriate for Carrier Library users?)

Comment on the RESPONSE TIME and STABILITY of the database (Does it freeze up, time-out or suddenly end without warning or cause? Was the response time adequate?)

Comment on the SEARCH INTERFACE (Are fields clearly labeled? Are there adequate numbers of searchable fields? Are there adequate search options [Boolean, truncation, etc.]? Are help screens readily available and clearly presented? Is there a thesaurus?)

Comment on the SEARCH RESULTS (Are the search history and results clearly presented? Can you easily combine past searches? Are the results adequately formatted for printing? Are descriptor terms hyperlinked?)

Comment on the overall QUALITY of the product (Is it designed sensibly? Is the interface legible? How does it compare to formats we may now own in the library [print or DOS CD-ROM]?)

Are there any problems or issues that we should consider before acquiring the database?

Would you recommend purchasing this product?

Other Comments: