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  • To produce a series of games that help develop health literacy and information literacy skills;
  • To evaluate whether traditional information literacy skills can be acquired through game-like experiences, and;
  • To determine if this approach is more effective with our students than our current text-based approaches.

Because graduates of the health and human services fields will face a population that is more diverse, has more acute and complex health care needs, and has access to more information than ever before, assuring that they are competent in recognizing and addressing health literacy is paramount. In phase one we will develop interactive games addressing health literacy. In phase two a subset of existing Go for the Gold (GFTG) online information literacy tutorial modules will be rewritten as games. Students taking GFTG will have a choice of using the traditional text-based modules, or playing the games. Later scores of students who experienced the games will be compared to those of students who used the tutorial and students who did neither.