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Information Literacy

for Teaching and Learning

A Workshop for General Education Faculty

May 8-10, 2007

( Main Workshop page)

JMU General Education faculty representing four of the five GenEd Clusters and librarians participated in this information literacy workshop.   Each team developed a research-rich assignment appropriate to a class of non-major students.  The assignment will be implemented during the coming academic year.  Following are the assignments developed by faculty participants or teams.

Faculty Member or Team


GE Cluster

Course Librarian Assigment and supplementary materials

GBIO Team:

Kim  Bolyard

Elizabeth Doyle

Jon Kastendiek

Mike Renfroe

Wendy Stapleton


Cluster 3

GBIO 103



Meris Mandernach

GBIO103 Assignment Powerpoint

GBIO103 Assignment - Medical Marijuana


Andreas Broschied

Kathleen Ferraiolo

David Jones

Valerie Sulfaro

Political Science

Cluster 4


U.S. Government

Patricia Hardesty

Peer Review Journals Assignment

Key Words  Assignment

Using Texts Assignment

News Assignment

Interpreting Polls Assignment

Congressional Votes Assignment

Sandra Duvivier


Cluster 2

GHUM 200

Great Works - 20th Century African American Literature

Melissa VanVuuren

GHUM200 Powerpoint

GHUM200 Assignment Rubric

Elizabeth Johnson


Cluster 3

GSC 115

Earth Systems, Cycles and Human Impact

Jerry Gill

GSC115 Powerpoint

GSC115 Rubric (PDF)



Project part 1 (PDF)

Project part 2 (PDF)

Jeff Kushner


Cluster 3

GSCI 165

The Way Life Works

Claire Clemens

GSCI 165 Powerpoint

Library Resources for GSCI 165

Julia Sweeny

Writing Program

Cluster 1


Critical Reading & Writing

Kathy Clarke

GWRIT 103 Powerpoint

Lisa Tubach

Art &Art History

Cluster 2

GART 200

Art in General Culture

Mary Ann Chappell

GART 200 Assignment


Workshop Agenda Day One

Workshop Agenda Day Two

Workshop Planning Committee:   Kathy Clarke, and Meris Mandernach

Questions:  Contact Lynn Cameron, Coordinator of Library Instruction, Carrier Library, MSC 1704; (540)568-3826.

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