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Knowledge Quiz


  1. Andrea copied a few paragraphs from a web site and pasted it into her GHUM paper.  Andrea did not cite the Web site in her bibliography.  Is this ethical?

  2. Yes No

  3. Mark and James are working on a group GBUS assignment.  They have to track the price of company stocks and plot them in a chart.  They find the data in a library research database and put it into a chart.  Since they created the chart, they include the data without citing the source.  Is this ethical?

  4. Yes No

  5. Lauren is very late getting to her GWRIT assignment.  She has found abstracts (summaries) of several articles she likes, but the library doesn’t subscribe to journals the articles are in.  Since she is pressed for time, she uses the abstracts and cites the journal articles in her bibliography.  Is this ethical?

  6. Yes No

  7. While browsing through a book on his topic, Justin comes across a sentence that states very clearly a point he’s been struggling to make.  He adds the sentence to his paper, using quotation marks and citing his source.  If he only used one sentence, was it necessary to cite the source?

  8. Yes No

  9. Warren is making a PowerPoint for his SMAD class and found the perfect graphic on the Internet.  Warren copied the graphic and put it in his PowerPoint.  Should he cite the source of the graphic?

    Yes No

  10. Wesley has a part-time job for a marketing firm.  He is making a brochure for a local store to promote a new hybrid lawnmower they have for sale.  Wesley found a graphic on the Internet and wants to use it in this brochure.  Can he legally put this graphic in his brochure?

  11. Yes No

  12. Krista bought a DVD of Wallace and Gromit’s latest movie and wants to share it with some friends.  Can she legally make a digital copy and share it over the network?

    Yes No

  13. After finding an article in a scholarly journal, Ralph decides that he would like to make a copy of the article to take home and examine more closely for his research. Is it ethical for Ralph to make a copy without permission from the author or the journal?

  14. Yes No

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