Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Examples of annotations

Following are two annotations for the same book. Notice that the first one is descriptive and analytic, and the second one is vague and devoid of information.

Davis, Susan G. Spectacular Nature: Corporate culture and the Sea World experience. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.

Good annotation:

Documents and analyzes how the for-profit entity Sea World creates a false understanding of the nature of wild animals. Published by a university press, this scholarly work is heavily footnoted and uses many sources to provide factual information. The author’s thesis, that Sea World misrepresents animal behavior through a false environment, is supported by evidence from hours of studying the Sea World shows and interviewing the people who train and perform with the whales. The description of how the shows are choreographed and incorporate theme park distractions further illustrate how Sea World is a “managed” experience.

Poor annotation:

This book was well-written and informative. It told all about how corporate culture affects the Sea World experience. The authors really seemed to have expertise on the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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