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History Internet Resources


History - Reference

Cold War Bibliography
Arranged by topic, this site has bibliographical citations to Cold War sources.

Directory of Historical Resources

A directory of directories for many types of historical collections, institutions, organizations.  

History Departments Around the World

Access to academic history department websites.  

HyperHistory Online
Timelines of historical events and people, with links to background information.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC).
Standard source for locating manuscript sources in repositories throughout the United States.  Online database covers items cataloged from 1986 to present.  Carrier has print volumes for 1959 - 1993.  

The Perseus Digital Library

Rich library of materials for the study of the humanities, with special emphasis on documents and images from Classical Greece and Rome. 

The National Archives (UK)
Overview of holdings of the Archives, with a searchable catalog, and some digitized collections.  

Listings of heads of state and heads of government since circa 1700, indexed by country and by personal name.  Also includes listings of religious leaders and leaders of international organizations.    

U. S. Gazetteer
Allows searches by place name and/or zip code, and provides brief information, as well as links to interactive census data (1990) and Tiger map.

World Statesmen
Online encyclopedia of countries, colonies, religious and international organizations.  Chronologies, listings of heads of state, accessible through indexes of countries, colonies, and personal names.  Other useful material includes the text of constitutions, national anthems, flags. 

History - General

American and British History Resources on the Internet  
A metaindex of websites, from Rutgers University.  

eHistory (Ohio State)

eHistory contains over 130,000 pages of historical content, including a timeline, battle outlines, biographies, images and maps.

Demography & Population Studies

Well-maintained website, linking to sources on demography worldwide.

Economic History Services

A communication forum for scholars in economic history.  Useful tools for finding comparative values purchasing power, interest rates, labor costs and other variables.  Supported by the Economic History Association and other academic institutions.

Eighteenth Century Resources - History
A well-maintained metaindex, with links to many Primary Sources.

Herblock's History: Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millennium
Online exhibition on Herblock and his cartoons.

The History Net

Posted by a publisher of popular historical magazines, this site has articles from non-academic periodicals such as American History and Civil War Times

History Matters
The U.S. Survey Course on the Web.  Designed for teachers of history, but useful for students as well.  A rich source for primary texts, images, guides for research, interviews. 

History and Politics Out Loud
An archive of audio speeches with transcripts; search and browse functions.

The History Gateway at Kansas

Good source for Kansas history.  

H-NET:Humanities and Social Sciences Online

Affiliated with the American Historical Association, H-NET offers discussion networks, book reviews, a job guide.

Intute: Arts & Humanities: History
This site has links to hundreds of web pages. Categories include Primary Sources, secondary sources, bibliographic sources, projects.  Searching by keyword is also possible.  

Links for Students of History and the Social Sciences
A comprehensive site with hundreds of links.  Especially strong in links to Holocaust, military history, and Russian history.

People With a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
Covers the full range of human history.  Arranged by era and by geographic area.

Repositories of Primary Sources
A comprehensive site with over 1,100 sites. Arranged by international region. The special collection sites include primary source documents and information by the site. James Madison University is included.

Urban Planning, 1794-1918: An International Anthology of Articles, Conference Papers, and Reports
An extensive bibliography on the history of city planning.

History - Primary Sources

From Duke University.  Searchable, digitized advertisements from U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines, 1911 to 1955.   The five main subject areas are Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II.

The American Colonist's Library: A Treasury of Primary Documents
An excellent collection of documents with some sources covering the European experience that tie to the Colonies. There are documents through the American Revolutionary era. Some of the major figures of the Colonial era, including James Madison, have links to their papers and other writings.

American Memory

The Library of Congress' "American Memory" site. This site has primary source and archival materials in American history and culture. An important ongoing project.

America's Historical Documents 
From the National Archives, facsimiles and background information on a number of important documents.

Avalon Project -- Yale University Law School.

A major source of documentation worldwide. Arranged by pre-18th century and then by century. Some American documentation is included. The Avalon Project also has the Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents which prints a large number of Colonial American documents.

Eurodocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe

A massive collection of primary documentation covering the total time frame of the specific countries. Arranged by country and then generally chronological. European languages.

Federal Government Resources: Historic Documents
An excellent site with a large number of sites. The arrangement is by topic. Coverage is from the Colonial era to the present day. The sites are on American history with many sites non-government documents.
This site has speeches and transcripts of a variety of individuals from the twentieth century.

History Channel: Video & Speeches
Hundreds of searchable speeches and video clips are available here. They are arranged by categories of politics and government; science and technology; arts, entertainment and culture; and war and diplomacy.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
This is a metasite with comprehensive coverage. The main categories are 1) Ancient, 2) Medieval, and 3) Modern. Additional categories include regional, women, travel, etc. There is a section of bibliographies and online course materials. A citation style guide completes this site.

League of Nations: Statistical and Disarmament Documents
This site, from Northwestern University, has the searchable and browsable text of over 250 League of Nations documents. The Statistical Yearbook of the League of Nations (1926-1944) is available in full-text.

National Gallery of the Spoken Word
Sponsored by Michigan State University this site proposes to have audio recordings of ca. 50,000 hours of speeches, interviews, etc. of the twentieth century. Areas available include folk life and lore, 20th century inventors and scientists, history and politics,   American life, Supreme Court decisions, World War II, etc. This is in process.

Secession Era Editorials Project
Collects the texts of newspaper editorials on the eve of the Civil War.

History - Biographical

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 to Present
This biography lists all members of Congress and the Continental Congress. Following the biographical sketches there are brief bibliographies. Unlike the printed versions the Internet edition requires the searcher to enter an individuals name. Also, there are no records of individual Congresses.

History - Census


IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series)

"High-precision samples" from U.S. decennial population census returns from 1850 - 1990 are available. This is a massive site with the guide alone having ca. 800 pages. The samples may be downloaded.

United States Historical Census Data Browser
A project of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) this site has detailed census information by state and county from 1790-1960. The site permits selection of single or multiple categories for searching.

History - Financial and Statistical

The Inflation Calculator.
This site can be used to find the adjusted value of money for inflation from 1800 to 1995.

History - Organizations

American Antiquarian Society

Includes access to the Society's online catalog.

American Association for State and Local History

The major organization for state and local history in the United States.

American Association of Museums

The major association for museums.

American Historical Association

Website for the premiere historical association in the U.S.

The Association for History and Computing.

An organization devoted to all aspects of computers in historical research.

National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Trust's work involves preservation of buildings and places in the U.S.

Organization of American Historians

OAH's Web site includes links to their membership information, program and activities, publications and services, and employment opportunities. Their "Web Sites for the History Profession" offers links to a large number of American history sources.

The Society of American Archivists

The Web site for the major scholarly archival society in the United States.

History - Maps

American Memory Project at the Library of Congress
Digitized maps on diverse topics, including the Revolutionary era, U.S. Civil War, National Parks, and Railroads.

David Rumsey Map Collection
The emphasis is on 18th and 19th century North and South American maps, globes, atlases, etc.

Lewis & Clark: The Maps of Exploration, 1507-1814

A series of early maps held mainly by the University of Virginia. Excellent site for coverage of maps to the early 19th century in the New World.

Historical Map Web Sites
From the University of Texas Libraries, this page links to digital maps from around the world.  Organized by region.

National Atlas of the United States
An interactive atlas sponsored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  The user can customize maps by choosing layers such as biology, environment, geology, people, and transportation.

Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe  
Political maps of Europe at the end of each century, from 1 to 2000 A.D.

Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library, University of Georgia

A collection of over 800 historical American maps emphasizing Georgia and surrounding areas. 

History - Journals and Newspapers

Use the Periodical Locator to find out what journals, newspapers, and magazines are available at JMU (either in print, microform, or online). 

Internet Library of Early Journals
Early British journals are available in their entirety. Journals availble include Annual Register, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Gentleman's Magazine, Notes and Queries, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, and The Builder. A search engine is provided.

The Journal for MultiMedia History
This is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, described by the editors as "a journal of history that uses hypertext and multimedia technologies to merge audio, video, graphics, and text into a form that can only be communicated on the World Wide Web."

American History - General

American Labor History
An online study guide.

American Radicalism Collection
Full-text images from over 100 radical pamphlets available in the library at Michigan State University are at this site. Generally twentieth century in coverage.

American Studies Web
A massive site arranged topically. Under every topic is an expansive linking to a variety of sources.

Archiving Early America: Historic Documents from 18th Century America

Documents and commentary from the 18th century.

A Biography of America
This site is arranged in twenty-six topical categories covering the full chronological range of the European image in America. Maps, time lines, documents, etc. are available.

The Digital Librarian
This site has hundreds of links to all periods of American history.

[Early Republic] Links to Early Republic Related Materials on the WWW This site has a variety of sources for the Early Republic/Early National period of American history. One major link is to "Selected Periodicals ...". This has the full-text of over fifteen periodicals of the period. Titles include The Ladies Repository (1841-1876), etc. This link also has access to the several titles of the Records of Congress, e.g. Register of Debates in Congress. Finally a number of miscellaneous collections, e.g. Archives of Maryland are available. A second major link has access to ten's of thousands of books of this era. A major site.

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920 Ca. 9,000 advertising images are represented in this collection. This collection illustrates the rise of consumer culture in its advertisements.

Federal Writers' Project

This site contains documents from the Folklore Project, Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940.

The First American West: The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820 This site bridges the era of the American colonies, American Revolution, and the beginning of the American republic. This site has documentation sponsored by the American Memory project at the Library of Congress. The documentation is presented via the University of Chicago and the Filson Historical Society. The site is arranged by subject, name, title, and theme. This site offers an outstanding collection of resources for the period covered.

From Revolution to Reconstruction. This site covers from the Colonial period to the 1980's. Coverage has more depth before 1900. Source types include documents, essays, biographical sketches, presidential information, etc.

History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web This site for high school and college students is a survey course on U. S. history. Links are to a variety of topics with a lot of primary source documents.

Immigration History Research Center

Located at the University of Minnesota this major collection covers all types of immigration records. It includes access to the University's online catalog and suggests ways to locate immigration sources there.

Library of Congress (LC)

Website includes a gateway to American Memory. There are links to major LC Americana collections and a gateway to LC Marvel, the major Internet site for LC. The Library of Congress Finding Aids site is starting to place archival finding aids to their collections on the Internet. The site is arranged by subject, name, collection title, and by date. This has detailed information about the collections that are available on the WWW.

Making of America.

This site is a collaboration between the University of Michigan and Cornell University. They are making available digitally ca. 5,000 volumes of American social history published between 1850 - 1877. In July 1997 1,400 had been digitized. An additional twenty-two major nineteen-century journals are @ Journals

National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives web site. News about the Archives and the text of major guides used for research are available. A genealogy link is useful. In using NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL) the researcher has keyword/subject access to a search engine of National Archives sources. This is an ongoing project and is not completed. Useful to locate visual and microfilmed collections/items in addition to text sources.

The New Deal Network This is a site for social history of the New Deal era. The site includes speeches, documents, political cartoons, photographs, etc.

The Sixties Project and Viet Nam Generation, Inc. Coverage of American history and culture of the 1960's with an emphasis upon Vietnam. One area has "personal narratives" available. Information includes various publications of the 1960's.

Taking the Long View: Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1991 Part of the Library of Congress' American Memory digitized collections this site have ca. 4,000 panoramic maps of the American scene. This site can be used by broad subject, e.g. agriculture, landscapes, etc. There is a search engine which includes place name searching.

The TimePage: Cycles in U.S. History This site has links to all all eras of American history.

United States Newspaper Program This site is the result of a cooperative area to locate, catalog and preserve newspapers throughout the United States. Arranged by state some states have completed their work. Most states have a link to information that includes the available newspapers. Several major newspaper repositories are at the site. These include the American Antiquarian Society, Center for Research Libraries, Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library.

U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian This site has value to the historian because of its overview of historical aspects of foreign policy. Links include reference to the Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) series and includes online text of some recent volumes. There are additional online texts.

United States History A massive site from Tennessee Technological University. Categories include such areas as general, documentation, presidents, Congress, Supreme Court, diplomatic, social oral history, by time eras, etc.

WestWeb Online resources for the history of the American West are located here. This outstanding site offers comprehensive coverage including economic, social, religious, historical, etc. links.

Witchcraft in Salem Village Full primary source documents on the 1692 witchcraft events in Salem, Mass. Includes maps of Salem and a 1693 treatise on witchcraft.


American History - Colonial Era

American Colonist's Library: A Treasury of Primary Documents An excellent, comprehensive, site of primary source documents. Arranged chronologically with some sites for individuals papers, e.g. Benjamin Franklin. Early documents are provided as they influence Colonist thought.

Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History A scholarly site highlighted by a detailed chronology of Franklin. Primary source documents. Another site of Franklin sources is Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man. This has a variety of sources with an emphasis on Franklin's life as a scientist, inventor, etc.

Colonial Williamsburg This site is largely for the tourist but under "Education" there are links to resources for learning. Access to the library catalog is here.

Early America This site has primary source documentation from the 18th century. Newspapers, books, etc.

Plimoth-on-Web An official site for the living history museum at Plymouth Colony.

The Plymouth Colony Archive Project at the University of Virginia A collection of Primary Sources are available here. Examples include probate and will records, seminar papers, biographical profiles, etc.

The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 1636-1776 This site has the digitized pages of The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut. This site can be searched by date, volume, and page within a volume. The site is indexed.

Society of Early Americanists Home Page This society includes sources of interest in Colonial history. One key link is entitled "Additional Resources."

American History - Revolutionary Era

The American Revolution: National Discussions of Our Revolutionary Origins This site is under the auspices of the authoritative H-Net program. It includes bibliographies, essays and discussions, resources that include teaching materials, etc.

Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789 Over 270 documents are available here from the collections of the Library of Congress. Treaties, resolutions, committee reports, etc. are available.

George Washington's Mount Vernon: Estate & Gardens A living history site with information about all aspects of Mount Vernon. Educational information is available.

Monticello: the Home of Thomas Jefferson This is a site mainly for living and public history. It provides access to some bibliographies on Jefferson and his time.

Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia A massive site with thousand's of Jefferson's documents and writings available. A major bibliography is presented.

War of American Independence Coming from the Center for Military History this site offers authoritative bibliographies on the War.


American History - Early American History, 1783-1860

The Anti-Federalist Papers First published beginning in 1787 the papers argue against Constitutional ratification. The text of many of these papers are here.

Articles of Confederation The text of the Articles is here along with links to the Annapolis Convention, Madison Debates, Federalist Papers, U.S. Constitution, etc.

Te Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 This site provides an annotated version of James Madison's journal he kept during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. An introduction by Madison and by the editor of the web site are available.

Democracy in America: De Tocqueville This site from the University of Virginia has the text of his writings on the United States along with links to issues and topics in American history for the 1830's.

Discovering Lewis and Clark An interactive site with monthly updates. Sound, photographs, maps, journals, etc. are here.

The Federalist Papers The text of all Federalist Papers is here along with a search engine for locating specific topics within the Papers.

Lincoln Net Sponsored by Northern Illinois University, this site presents Lincoln sources of his Illinois years (1830-1861). Searchable documents, sound recordings, images, videos, maps, etc.


American History - Reconstruction, Gilded Age, Progressive Era

The American 1890s: A Chronology From a chronological listing of events, there are links to detailed information. From Bowling Green State University.

H-SHGAPE: Internet Resources A scholarly site from The Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Links are arranged chronologically and topically through the Age of Normalcy following the First World War. Primary and secondary sources. An excellent site.


American History - World War I - Depression - World War II


AS@UVA: 1930's Project [America in the 1930's] Sponsored by the University of Virginia this site has a variety of links to cultural expression of the 1930's. Literature, films, radio programs, art, etc. are featured.

Confinement and Ethnicity: An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites This site includes illustrated coverage the relocation sites of the camps used for Japanese Americans during World War II. History, bibliographies, architectural drawings are available.

Historic Government Publications from World War II: A Digital Library From Southern Methodist University is this site of ca. 200 World War II era government documents. They are generally pamphlets. The emphasis is on the home/domestic front.


American History - 1950-2000

At Cold War's End: US Intelligence on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1989-1991 Documentation from the CIA on the final years of the Cold War. Documents, a chronology, essays with documentation, etc. are available. An excellent source for researching the end of the Cold War.

Cold War International History Project. Sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, this site contains primary source documents.

The Cold War Science and Technology Studies Program. Useful for extensive bibliographies and links to additional Cold War sites.

WWW VL History: the Cold War This site looks at the full range of Cold War topics. Examples include McCarthyism, the Rosenbergs, why the Soviet Union collapsed, etc.

American History - Political

Abraham Lincoln Association This site has a search engine to the eight volume The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Over 2 million words are indexed of Lincoln's writings.

Abraham Lincoln Net. This site has interactive materials including text, videos, and sound on various aspects of Lincoln's career. The emphasis is on his Illinois days but includes the political scene.

American Political History On-Line This site has a massive list of links on American political history. It is arranged first with a "general" category. This is followed by a chronological presentation. Coverage is from the beginning of American political history to the present.

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: US Congressional Documents and Debates 1774-1873 This site offers full-text access to the major sources of Constitutional history along with the laws and proceedings of Congress to 1873. Some of the sources have representative texts. Titles include Journal of the Continental Congress, Elliot's Debates, Farrand's Records, Statutes at Large, Serial Set, House and Senate Journals, Senate Executive Journal, Maclay's Journal, Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and the Congressional Globe. Congressional Collections at Archival Repositories This site is only arranged by institutions that have collections of Congress members. Since it does not have indexing by Congressional member it can be a slow access point in determining the location of an individual member.

Electoral College.

This is the official government site for the Electoral College. Important for historians as it contains statistics covering the complete range of Presidential elections.

First Ladies This site contains biographies, bibliographies, and portraits of the First Ladies.

The History of Televised Presidential Debates
This site has transcriptions and videos of presidential debates from the initial one in 1960 to the present. It is arranged by presidential debating year. A "Curriculum Resources" link has teacher's guides to using this material.

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States

Access to the full text of inaugural addresses from Washington through Bush. For various addresses of American presidents, including some State of the Union messages use Presidential Addresses

James Madison Center Developed at James Madison University by a Political Science professor this site attempts to link all known sites having material on James Madison and his writings.

JKF Link This is a private web site that has some of JFK's speeches digitized. An effort will be made to add materials that are open to the public regarding JFK and his presidency.

National Security Action Memoranda - JFK Over 270 documents of the presidency of John F. Kennedy have been placed at this site. They are from the JFK Library.

The Papers of James Madison This site is sponsored by the University of Virginia which is preparing Madison's papers. A wide variety of information is available including a short biography.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States

Linked by president this site offers facts, biographies, historical documents, audioand video files, etc.

Presidential Elections: 1900-1992

A series of presidential election maps with vote percentages noted by state. This siteplans to add all presidential elections and update the site with additional presidentialinformation.

Presidential Libraries IDEA Network

Presidents from Herbert Hoover to the present are included. The websites are linked to the presidential libraries. Information on each librarycontains such topics as the library and its collections, tourist and research information, bibliographies, etc. A gopher site sponsored by the National Archives is @ Presidential Libraries of the National Archives System. Presidents from Herbert Hoover through Ronald Reagan are included.

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States Online version begins with 1991.  Carrier has these in print beginning with 1929 (Stacks J80 .A283 J80 .A283).

Renka's Presidential Resources Russell Renka's (Professor at Southeast Missouri State) homepage links to 2 webpages with excellent links for presidential study. 

Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive Sponsored by the University of Virginia this site has the text of thousand's of primary source documents by and about Jefferson. It also has links to quotations, a bibliography, and a biography.

Ulysses S. Grant Home Page This site covers the full range of the general and president. There are images, interviews, documents, etc.

Vincent Voice Library. Ca. 50,000 voice recordings are in this archive from Michigan State University. Most are only noted and copies would need to be ordered. Some of the available recordings over the Internet are political aspects in American history.

White House

An example of a White House site. Useful for speeches and other primarysources. Coverage is 1993 to date.

American History - Diplomatic

CIA Documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 This site is an Internet version of a 1992 book of ca. 350 pages printing major documents of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Foreign Relations of the United States. This site is sponsored by the Department of State. It has some of the more recent available volumes of the FRUS here.Additional sites include FRUS which has the text for the years 1900-1918, FRUS 1861 which has the text for 1861, and Foreign Relations which has the text of the Papers from 1945 to the current volumes.

VENONA VENONA was the code name of American intelligence efforts against the Soviet Union from the 1940"s to recent years. This site has documents and background from the National Security Agency.

American History - Minorities

NOTE: See the African American Resources site on the Carrier Library Home Page Subject Guides.

American History - Civil War

The American Civil War
A metasite with links to a wide range of Civil War topics. Current.

American Civil War Collections Internet sites here are from the University of Virginia collections. Categories of documentation include letters, texts, and projects.

The American Civil War Home Page

A distinguished collection of Civil War materials. Sections includegeneral resources, graphic images, letters and other Primary Sources,histories and bibliographies, rosters of combatants, miscellaneousmilitary information, and links to additional sites.

American Civil War Resources The Special Collections Department at Virginia Tech created this site. It features a guide to their holdings along with links to the full-text of some manuscript sources. Links to other Civil War sites is provided.

Civil War Resources on the Internet: Abolitionism to Reconstruction A comprehensive site with primary documents, secondary sources, bibliograhies, listervers, etc.

Civil War Resources VMI Archives Virginia Military Institute archival holdings on the Civil War are featured. A guide to their holdings is available and a number of the collections contain full-text sources. Stonewall Jackson's papers are featured.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Sponsored by the National Park Service this site is in the process of listing all soldiers who were involved in the Civil War. Regimental lists will be presented. Summarization of over 350 major battles will be available.

Civil War Women: Online Archival Collections Collections at Duke University are featured. Links are provided to additional Civil War sites.

Harper's Weekly Harpers's Weekly magazine for 1857-1865 is available at this site. A search engine is provided. This periodical gives one viewpoint and opinion of the Civil War. The Weekly's home page is @ Harpers' Weekly

Library of Congress Civil War Photographs

A collection of over 1,000 Matthew Brady photographs. The quality is very good. There are articlesabout photography in the Civil War, etc.

The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies The full-text of the primary source War of the Rebellion is available here. It includes the index to this massive set. Published in 130 volumes in the print edition. Another web site is The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. This is sponsored by the "Making of America" web site. It includes the offical index the set. This is available at Series IV, vol. IV, 1901.

Selected Civil War Photographs This site is from the American Memory program at the Library of Congress. Over 1,000 photographs are available. A search engine and subject index are provided.

Study of Civil War Sites in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia This site is the result of a National Park Service study in 1992 of the Shenandoah Valley in the Civil War and the appearance and control of the battlefields in the early 1990's. Aspects of the study include historic background, the battlefields, preservation of the battlefields, tourism, a bibliography of the battlefields, etc.

The U.S. Civil War Center

A server that attempts to have links to all Civil War sites. Over 1,000 links are present. The subject categories are comprehensive.

The Valley of the Shadow - Civil War

This site looks at two communities and their activity during the CivilWar. The communities of Staunton, Virginia and Chambersburg, Pennsylvaniaare analyzed. Primary Sources are used including newspapers (ca. 20,000pages covering 30 years), census records from 1850-1880, rosters of soldiers, maps, diaries, etc.

American History - State Sites

Archives of Maryland. The Maryland state archives has placed Primary Sources here. The emphasis is on Colonial era documents mainly of legal history.

History - Ancient and Classical

ABZU: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Sponsored by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago this site has a wide range of links to scholarly source material on the ancient world.

Ancient World Web.

This offers hundreds of links to a variety of ancient world experiences. Arranged by subject, alphabetical, etc.

Classics & Ancient World This site has thousands of quality links to all areas of the classical and ancient world. Arrangement is alphabetical by site title.

Classics Collections A massive site with access to databases, indexes, etexts, Journal Articles, etc. Coverage is the classical world.

Egyptology Resources

A site having all aspects of ancient Egyptian resources. Hundreds of links.

Exploring Ancient WorldCultures

A college level text that has links to readings, documents, etc.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook A comprehensive, and excellent, site. Arranged by area of the ancient world, e.g. Mesopotamia. This site includes the Greek and Roman civilizations and a section on early Christianity.

The Internet Classics Archive This is a database of over 400 Greek and Latin authors and English translations of their works. A work in progress.

The Parthian Empire Major categories with links include history, geography, coins, art and culture and resources. This interesting site is more at the introductory/undergraduate level.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem This site has links to the history of the Mount and the location of the two Jewish temples. Additional links provide a variety of sources on aspects of Jerusalem.


History - Medieval - Renaissance - Reformation

The Camelot Project Resources for Arthurian literature and history are here. Texts, images, general information, bibliographies, etc.

A History of the Crusades This site has the text of a six-volume definitive history of the Crusades edited by Kenneth Setton.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook This is a comprehensive site with access to primary and written sources. The main sections are 1) Selected Sources, 2) Full Texts Sources, and 3) Saints' Lives. A search engine is available.

Labyrinth - Georgetown University

A comprehensive web site with medieval studies materials in all disciplines. Bibliographies, documents, discussion lists, etc. are available. The main history link is .Resources for the Study of Medieval History

Medieval & Renaissance Europe - Primary Historical Documents A major collection of Medieval and Renaissance documents are available here. Some are in European languages.

Medieval English Towns This is a developing site of information on specific English towns of the Medieval period along with links to general sources on the Medieval period. Some links are to other European areas.

Medieval Feminist Index Sponsored by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship this site index Journal Articles, book reviews, and book essays. Over 300 journals plus books are indexed. Scholarly.

Medieval Studies Page

A major site for medieval studies. Section on class content and the Byzantine era are featured. A separate massive compilation of primary source available as the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. This extends back to the first century A. D. Topics include Christianity, Byzantium, Islam, medieval thought, etc.

Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation: Western Civilization Act II A metasite covering a wide spectrum of knowledge, and topics, of this period in history.

NetSERF: the Internet Connection for medieval Resources This site looks at all areas of medieval history and society. Arranged by broad topics.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library

This site has the text of classical and medieval literary texts.

WWW Medieval Resources This site is a source for links to medieval sources. Areas include discussion groups, medieval science, databases, etc.

Reformation Texts and documents are available at this site. The arrangement is by major reformer or group.


History - Enlightenment-French Revolution-Eighteenth Century

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution A wide variety of sources are here including a series of essays, 250 images, 350 documents, song recordings, maps, a timeline, and a glossary.

Links on the French Revolution This site has both elementary and scholarly links to French Revolution themes. Bibliographies on the Revolution are here.


History - History of Science

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Scientific Revolution This site generally provides access to primary source documents. Most of the links are to topics with some on individuals, e.g. Galileo. Coverage is the European Scientific Revolution.

Major Scientists: Renaissance and Scientific Revolution Fourteen major scientists of the Scientific Revolution in Europe are listed. Bibliographies are available on the scientists.

The Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution This site has annotated bibliographies in a topical approach. Topics include bibliography, historiography, classic histories, textbooks, etc.


History - Military

The American Revolution - H-Net This site has a series of links to resources, essays, bibliographies, etc. on the American Revolution.

CMH - U. S. Army Center of Military History

CMH's Web site. General information about the Center is featured. There is some information on their holdings.

CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers: Three Episodes 1962-1968 Full-text coverage of three major episodes involving the CIA in the Vietnamese Conflict. Footnoted.

[The Cuban Missile Crisis and Aftermath] Full-text coverage of the Crisis is printed here with over 250 documents presented. The source for the documentation is Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Vol. XI.

The E-HAWK Cadre

A comprehensive military site with links to all time periods. Primary and secondary sources, bibliographies, etc. are included.

First World This is a massive site on the First World War. Among the categories are posters, audio accounts, documentation, memories and diaries, prose and poetry, a timeline, the War's origins, links to other War sites, etc.


This site deals mainly with soldiers who have reported illnesses after the Gulf War. The May/June 1997 issue of Journal of Government Information, pages 232-234 have an excellent overview of the topic along with additional print and Internet sites.

[The Japanese-American Internment] This site has links to a variety of sources on Japanese-Americans in World War II. There are some links having information on German and Italian internments.

Korean War Project.

This site is for the "Forgotten War." It contains photographs, facts and information, newspaper articles, etc. A feature of the site is a searchable database of KIA and MIA names.

Naval Historical Center An official U. S. Navy site. This site has comprehensive coverage of the Naval Historical Center and its programs and sources. Coverage is all activities of the navy throughout its history.


Over 121,000 records are available for searching covering Vietnam era POW's/MIA's. To search it is necessary to enter a name, branch of service,   action involved, etc. The text of any documentation is available from the government. Another Vietnam link is Vietnam Casualties Database.

Revolutionary War

A major Revolutionary War site.

United States Army War College Library

The library collection of this outstanding military library in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Other military historical collection at Carlisle include United States Army Military History Institute and Strategic Studies Institute . Other branches of military service include Air Force Link, United States Marine Corps, and the Naval Historical Center. Although the Naval site has a lot of historical information the Air Force and Marines sites have little of historical interest.

U.S. Air Force Museum This site contain thousands of images showing all areas of military airplane action. It covers the full range of the use of air power and various nation's planes. The arrangement includes a chronological category plus such sections as presidential planes, people, engines, weapons, etc.

The U.S. Mexican War

Sponsored by the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans this site has a variety of links including documents, maps, images, statistics, etc.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today.

A gateway to the War. Documents, articles, photographs and diaries are included.

World War I: trenches on the Web.

A useful site for World War I research. Documents, maps, and general information are available.

World War II Resources Documents, speeches, testimony, etc. are available at this site.


History - British

Arthurnet Links A wide variety of links on King Arthur and the Medieval period are on this site. A companion link is The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur. This is a long essay on Arthur along with a bibliography and notes for further analysis.

The Cely Papers The text of correspondence and papers of the Cely family merchants of England. The papers cover the years 1475-1488.

The Domesday Book This site gives background information on Domesday. It includes a list of every settlement of the period along with the major landholders and where their lands were located.

Early Modern England Source This is a topically arranged site with categories including archives, bibliographies, data, libraries, local public record offices, early modern books, ejournals, etc.

The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I This site has links to a variety of topics on Elizabeth I and her times. A bibliography and search engine is included.

Manuscripts Catalogue [of the British Library] Over 100,000 manuscripts at the British Library acquired since 1753 are indexed at this site. Information is given for ordering manuscript copies.

The Richard III and Yorkist History Server Coverage is history and literature on Richard III and the House of York. Primary and secondary texts are emphasized. Drama on Richard is provided.

TimeRef This site has a timeline for the area of Great Britain covering the years 800-1499. This includes links to important persons of the time period along with information on castles, abbeys, cathedrals, etc.

The Victorian Web This site has topical links to a wide range of sources on the British Victorian period. A search engine is provided.


History - European and Asian

Asian Studies - Coombs

A comprehensive link site for Asian studies. Although most of the documentation is current there are some historical sources.

Early Soviet History A scholarly site with links to various aspects of the Bolshevik Revolution and the events that followed. Documents, including books, enhance the site.

Nazi and East German Propaganda This site is arranged by the Nazi era and the German Democratic Republic (Communist) era. Speeches, essays, cartoons, pictures, etc. are provided.

History of France - Primary Documents This site includes documents from the early years of France to the present.

History of Germany - Primary Documents This site includes documents from the early years of German and Austrian history to the present.

LIBRO: The Library of Iberian Resources Online Sponsored by academic institutions this site provides full-text collections on the history of the Iberian peninsula. The current emphasis is on the medieval period with plans to expand into the early modern period.

Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide This site has aspects to all areas of the Napoleonic Era in Europe. In addition to the military there are links to the Civil Code, biographical information, etc. European languages. Another link is The Napoleonic Guide.


A history, geography, and sociology site. In addition to some Primary Sources there are links to many additional sources. Geographic coverage is Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The Russian Revolution A metasite for the Russian Revolution of 1917 along with the Civil War that resulted.

Southeast Asia Web A general site that includes both topical and country oriented links.

Soviet History Internet Archive Primary Sources from the early years of the Soviet Union. In addition to printed documentation there are links to pictures, sound archives, and statistics.


History - Middle East

History in the News: The Middle East This academic site is arranged in a series of categories, e.g. history with links to a variety of web pages for each category.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook This is an excellent scholarly site. The arrangement is chronological by time period.

Israel Information Service

An exclusively political site. There are links to anti-Semitism and Holocaust studies.

Israeli- Palestinian Conflict This academic site is a source for a series of links to web pages on the conflict.

The Jewish History Resource Center This site offers over 6,000 links in ca. thirty categories covering the full range of Jewish historical topics. A search engine is available.

MidEast Web: Middle East History & Resources: Middle East Historical and Peace Process This site is devoted to Israeli-Palestinian issues. The documents are arranged in a reverse chronological order.


History - Latin America

Castro Speech Databases A fully searchable and browsable index to Castro speeches, press releases, interviews, etc.

The Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation A highly critical CIA report on the aborted Bay of Pigs invasion is available here. It is available in a series of large .zip files of scanned images.


History - Holocaust and Genocide

Drew University Center for Holocaust Study A selection of photographs dealing with the Holocaust and a bibliography of reference sources highlight this web site.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies . This site has a wide range of topics covering genocide in areas as Armenia and Burma. A section on the Holocaust is included. Links to other sites is featured.

Holocaust Denial: An Online Guide . Sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League this site identifies individuals denying the Holocaust and has available information to refute this viewpoint.

Holocaust-Era Assets The U.S. Department of State has this web site to their work on Holocaust assets from the World War II era Documentation. The National Archives has a major holocaust asset sites. This is Holocaust Era Assets . The Claims Conference Restitution Guide offers comprehensive coverage, and information, on contacts for Holocaust survivors and heirs.

Internet Resources on Genocide and Mass Killings An extensive collection of sites covering twentieth-century genocide is available here. Generally Primary Sources.

MLC Online - Museum of Tolerance (Simon Wiesenthal Center) A comprehensive collection on the Holocaust. Ca. 14,000 documents, various text files and photographs, etc. are available.

The Nizkor Project This site attempts to address the problems and issues of the Jewish Holocaust in all aspects. Links are included to documentation.

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials This site has the text of the full proceedings of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. There are also links to several holocaust sites.

Shamash: the Jewish Network Holocaust Home Page This page is from the Jewish Internet Consortium. The site has a series of Holocaust photographs, a series of links to Holocaust denial sites, and a section of links to additional pages.

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Multimedia Learning Center Online A wide range of Holocaust sources are available here.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Information about the Museum and its programs is available here. Access to Museum's catalog, family histories, bibliographies, research assistance, etc. is also provided.

Web Genocide Documentation Centre. Coverage is genocide throughout the twentieth-century. Armenia and World War II are featured along with last century examples.

Yad Vashem on the Internet This page is from Israel's premier memorial site on the

Holocaust. Among the links is one to the "Righteous Among the Nations," individuals who aided victims during the Holocaust. 


History - Gender Studies

American Women's History: A Research Guide A scholarly site arranged in categories of Primary Sources, by state, Journal Articles, etc. A quality site.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World A comprehensive, and excellent, source for women and gender information from the ancient world. Bibliographies, essays, anthologies, course materials, etc. featured. This site has excellent coverage of Biblical studies.

Documents from the Women's Movement Sponsored by Duke University this site has source documentation covering the 1960's and 1970's in the United States.

Early Modern Women Database Coverage is the Americas and Europe from ca. 1500-1800. This site provides an annotated listing of sites arranged in categories of subject, time period, type of material, language, geographic area, etc. Scholarly.

Godey's Lady's Book Online Some issues of Godey's are available here. Godey's was a leading women's magazine of the mid- nineteenth century. Illustrated.

Internet Women's History Sourcebook Coverage is from all eras and geographic regions. The arrangement is chronological and by country/ region. A massive collection.

Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture This site is from the special collections at Duke University. The majority of the collections represent women of the United States. A major site.

ViVa: A Bibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's Studies Journals Compiled in the Netherlands, and containing several European languages, this is a current bibliography of women's history. Ca. 80 journals are indexed. Coverage is the full scope of recorded history.

Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection, 1848-1921 Over 160 books, pamphlets, etc. are at this site. A search engine and links to both author and subject searches is provided. Bibliographies are also available on this American Memory site.

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1775 - 2000 This site was created at the State University of New York at Binghamton to introduce students to some of the primary source documents on the Woman's social movement in the United States. In addition to the documents there are links to other sites on women's studies.

Women Immigrants, 1945 to the Present: A Bibliography This is a bibliography of books, documents, articles, etc. on recent immigration of women.

Women in America, 1820-1842 This site has selections from letters, journals, books, etc. from European travelers to America during the early nineteenth century. Author and topic searching is provided.

Women in American History Sponsored by Encyclopedia Britannica this site has coverage of women in America from 1600 to date. Biographical information and documentation are emphasized.

Women in Politics This site has both current and historical information. International in its coverage. A search engine for the site is available.


History - Oral History

Conversations with History Sponsored by the University of California, Berkeley this site has a wide range of internationally known personalities with interviews. Coverage is 1982 to date. The site is arranged by interviewee, topic, and by chronology. A search engine is available.

Oral History Techniques and Procedures A guide developed by the Center of Military History. This excellent source is useful as an overview to oral history procedures for all history researchers.


History - Museums

Living History Sponsored by the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums this site has information on the Association including a directory of museums and various activities and conferences.


History - Virginia

Jamestown Rediscovery [Project] This site has information on the archaeological work going on at Jamestown.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet: New Deal Virginia Rural electrification and the Shenandoah National Park are highlighted. Newspaper articles, maps, images, a timeline, a bibliography, etc. are the available categories to use.

The Library of Virginia

The Library's official site. Massive in its size and available collections it contains such areas as catalog, Colonial Records Project, documents, manuscript and archival holdings, etc. Both Telnet and WWW access is furnished for its cataloged. Especially strong for historical collections.

Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson An official Jefferson site. All areas of Monticello are included along with a catalog of holdings of a Jefferson library.

The Online Statistical Atlas of Virginia This site from the University of Virginia Library features maps and tables from the 1990 census. Population, income and poverty, and housing and residency are the main categories at this site.

Richmond, Virginia History Internet Resources About 90 web sites are here. Categories include African Americans, architecture, cemeteries, Civil War, Jewish, neighborhoods, people, libraries and museums, and miscellaneous.

Virginia Heritage: Guides to Manuscript & Archival Collections in Virginia Fifteen repositories in Virginia including James Madison University have placed their holdings guides at this site. Keyword searching is available. One search feature is a template in which a search can be limited to one repository. The information provided is either brief information or in some instances a calendar/listing of the specific collection.

Virginia Historical Society Information on doing research at the VHS, including a catalog of its comprehensive collections of Virginiana.

Virtual Jamestown This site is a collaboration of several Virginia universities and research centers. It was developed in anticipation of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. Maps, drawings, primary source documents, bibliographies are presented.


History - Rockingham County

Rockingham: A Supplement to an Annotated Bibliography of a Virginia County This bibliography is an update to the 1989 published work. In September, 1998 it contained over 700 citations in a wide range of topics. Libraries within Rockingham County were used in the compilation.

Shenandoah Valley Folk Art and Heritage Center The home page of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society. Information includes its genealogy program, exhibits, bookstore, etc.


History - Preservation and Conservation

Conservation Online A comprehensive site for all aspects of conservation and preservation.

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