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Information Literacy Workshop 2008

2008 Workshop Results

JMU faculty from 11 departments partnered with librarians in the 2008 workshop. Each pair developed an information literacy assignment slated to be included in the 2008-2009 academic year.

Liam Buckley (Anthropology)
GANTH 195 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Librarian: Candace Miller

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

Michelle D. Cude (Education) and Alison Sandman (History)
MSSE 470H Methods of Teaching Social Studies / ISS 400 Senior Seminar (corequisites)

Librarian: Jason Sokoloff

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

Frances Flannery (Philosophy & Religion)
RELI 450 Required capstone for religion majors
Librarian: Cheri Duncan

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation
Pam Gibson (Psychology)
PSYC 497 Environment, Health & Behavior
Librarian: Lynn Cameron

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation
Glenn Hastedt (Justice Studies)
JUST 235 Justice in the Global Community
Librarian: Jerry Gill

Assignment | Syllabus | Post-Assignment Evaluation
Chris Koski (Political Science)
PPA 200 Introduction to Public Policy
Librarian:Kathy Clarke

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation
Kristi Lewis (Health Sciences)
HTH 450/HTH 408 Epidemiology & Interpreting Medical Literature
Librarian: Stefanie Warlick

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

Ayasakanta Rout (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
CSD 720 Cochlear Implants
Librarian: Judy Anderson

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

Edward Yang (Political Science)
INTA 295 Cross-National Research Methods
Librarian: Patricia Hardesty

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

Pavel Zemliansky (Writing)
WRIT 330 Technology & Writing
Librarian: Reba Leiding

Assignment | Post-Assignment Evaluation

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